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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Been a Busy Bee...

Been a long time since I've updated or shared photos on this blog.  I've been so busy I hardly have time to even relax.  I'm constantly feeling tired and exhausted to the point I just want to shower and crawl into bed.  I recently starting working at another photography studio so my diary been jammed pack since.  I'm happy at how more work I am getting booked for and how busy it is.  It only means I am improving in terms of makeup artistry skills and my business is taking off.  Freelancing as a Makeup Artist had made a much happier person and I'm very glad I had the guts to take that leap off the cliff.

Anyway here are loads of photos that I had shared on instagram.  Even photos from Chinese New Year, which was a complete whirlwind for me with juggling work and family celebrations.

I am waiting on some photos from a photo shoot and can't wait to share them!  I am beyond excited and hopefully I'll be able to post and update on it.  However for now please stay tuned...

Mumma's CNY Orchids and decor.

This is why we do our eyebrows, it really does makes a difference.

Set up for makeup at the studio

Mango Smoothie

One necklace, 4 ways to wear it

Delish Breakfast at the Kinky Lizard


Someone is afraid of the Thunder!

Been loving this relatively new little cafe.  Great food, coffee, sweets and service

In the studio, bored waiting for client 

Full Harvest at Harvest Espresso

Miss Coco also celebrates CNY with us :)

My parentals are into growing their own organic produce.  This is one very big Bitter Melon!

Getting old and really enjoying cuddles and belly rubs

Happy happy!  Running like she's free and in the wild

Cleaned out the hair case, it sure is growing in size

When you decide you will cut down on the junk, sweets, etc.  Mumma goes and feed me some Donuts!  Fail!
Enjoy the rest of the week and I sure as hell looking forward to Weekend.  Have work but looking forward to catching up with a great girlfriend.


  1. aww heart this :) i love seeing what you are up to! just being your beautiful self, eating really yummy things and spending time w/ your adore fur baby!!

    omgosh i can't believe you are deathly allergic to kiwi's they are one of my favorite fruits :( sadness!!

    1. I can't stop eating ahahaha it's so bad! Put on heaps of weight.

      Kiwi fruit makes me turn blue and cut off my lungs so I can't breathe :p pretty scary I admit. Also just touching kiwi fruits with my hands makes them itchy. It's so weird!

  2. lovely photos as always! I miss posting on Instagram, ages ago my phone randomly said my SD card wasn't in although it was, and I haven't had it checked so no camera, no instagram :(

    That donut looks so delicious!

    1. Think I'm addicted to Instagram. It's a form of easy blogging for me :)


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