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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just a bit of Instagram and photos in my life...

Today is probably the first Sunday in a long while that is sort of relaxing for me.  Have a wonderful brunch catch up with two of my favourite girlfriends.

Coffee and a good breakfast meal around 11am was a quick fit for the day.

Salmon Twist @ Milk and Honey, Northbridge Perth Australia.

I value catching up with close friends and no matter how tired or busy I get with my work life I make that extra effort to see them.  Friends I cherish and no matter how many times I turn them down for coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are always so supportive of my choice and my dream of making my makeup artist career work.  I'm always grateful to them and really love them all very much.  In life many friends come and go, but I know these ones are always going to be there when I turn around during my hard times.  I would do exactly the same just for them.

For the last few weeks/months I've been so flat out busy and on the go from one job to another.  Today I just wanted to post a nice relaxing post.  To share some lovely photos I have taken with instagram (mostly food!).

A coffee lover, but not addicted but I love the taste and especially in the afternoon.

Amazing pizza for dinner with a lovely friend who even though I live close to, I hardly ever see her enough.
Wood fire pizza 2 Sandrino, Fremantle Perth WA

Cocktails for Rachael's Birthday @ My Place Bar and Restaurant, Perth WA

Hot wedges @ C15 Cafe, Applecross Perth WA

Mum made Hakka styled Mochi with peanut filling, absolutely a delicious snack!

Packing for my Brothers Wedding back in May

Ready to begin bridal makeup for my sister-in-law on her wedding day

Warming up Airbrush foundation in hot water for a photoshoot

Took a walk after a buffet lunch with grandma during her visit and couldn't resist taking this photo

New makeup trolley case recently purchased!  Absolutely loving it and will soon introduce him to you guys :)
I've been slacking on putting together a couple of photos from my brother's wedding.  A very beautiful ceremony with only close ones and a lovely small family only dinner.  It was just the perfect wedding for the quiet couple and I'm happy for them.  Wishing them happiness and a great married life together.  Stay tuned and I promise to share some photos with everyone soon.

If anyone have instagram please let me know in the comment!  I check out and follow heaps of people on it.

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  1. Lovely photos! I love instagram lol I followed you :) I'm missashii_x if you can't tell lol

    1. thanks Ashii, i'm a little addicted t instagram cos it's like photo blogging :p I followed you too

  2. How great to have such wonderful supportive friends, and eat all this good food! I love pictures of food :)

    and your makeup collection is gorgeous, oh the fun it must be to play with it! I wouldn't even know what to do with half of it!

    1. My parents aren't big on me doing this as a career, hence supportive friends are definitely great!

      My life is about food, I travel far for it :)

  3. nomssss drooling over your salmon brunch!!! and that pizzaaaa omg.. i'm so hungry now hahah!!

    eeps i can't wait to see your an indepth look at your new makeup trolleys!!!!


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