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Friday, August 10, 2012

My Brother's Wedding 05/05/2012

Finally getting around to sharing some intimate photos from my brother's and sister-in-law's family wedding.  We were all worried about the weather as May is in the middle of Winter and normally in Sunny Perth we're pouring and windy during that time of the month.  However the day was beautiful with not blinding sun and no rain and wind until late that night.  A perfect cool day for a lovely quiet wedding for a perfect couple.  After a long journey of 10years together, they have finally tied the knot and began their new phrase in their life as Husband and Wife.

Being a makeup artist I was definitely very happy to be able to do my sister-in-law's hair and makeup.  She liked it simple as she's not a girl who wears makeup on a daily basis and even so it was only tinted moisturiser normally.

She wanted natural yet pretty makeup, she want to still be her in the end and being me I gave her the best I could.  Airbrushed Foundation with my Temptu foundation as her base.  A flawless base for her wonderful skin and lasting all day and night with very little to no touch up.  Eyelashes were probably the weirdest thing for her that day, I mean she wearing them for the first time after all.

For hair it was a simple low bun/chignon with a simple flower clip.  nothing complicated and nothing that required too much maintenance.  Actually it didn't need any touching up either.  It stayed in the whole day through out the photo shoot out on location and through the reception that night.

All photos are rightfully the Photographer!

© 2012 chanraymond photography |

He was an amazing photographer, professional yet friendly and easy going.

Anyway enough rambling here to some pretty photos.

Her Dress

Her shoes


Ready to makeup

Temptu s/b Foundation airbrushed on

Individual Eyelashes for a more natural look

Finishing up

Ready to leave for the ceremony
Groom and mother-in-law

Father and Daughter Walking tot he Gazebo

Groom waiting

Perfect Couple

Exchanging rings

You may kiss the bride!

Absolutely love this photo of my beautiful grandma, bless her for being able to make it to the wedding all the from  Hong Kong, she had waited so long for this day.

A proper photo just for Mumma bear, siblings with no resemblance

This is what siblings are really like in real life!  hahaha

First walk as Husband and Wife

A simple romance

I adore this photo, its so beautiful!

Mr and Mrs

The happiest I have ever seen my dad ever!  Tea from daughter-in-law tasted especially sweet

Chinese Wedding Banquet.
Unfortunately I am unable to share with you every single photo that night, but I hope you had enjoyed this selective photos I have chosen to share with you all.


  1. gorgeous pics :)
    I wasn't know the Chinese wedding culture. Cute and lovely couple..

    1. this isn't very chinese wedding, only the tea ceremony was. Thanks for dropping in

  2. Wow, the pictures are beautiful, and they're such a cute couple.

    1. the photographer was very nice and easy going. thanks for checking out my blog :)

  3. aww mandy i hearted this!! i LOVEEED the pictures where i could see you being a makeup artist in action!! and the bride looked flawless really naturally pretty!! you did an amazing job :)

    1. Thanks Lisa! I don't get a lot of photos of my doing makeup :p never really know what i looked like until i saw these one. Thanks for always taking time to drop in on my blog :)

    Seriously. I love her style.

    & great job with the makeup-- really cute dress by the way too!

    1. my dress is so old! never worn, but I failed at finding a suitable dress to wear for the ceremony so I ended up pulling this one out of the closet!

      Thank for dropping in!


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