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Friday, August 24, 2012

Instagram update/blogging

Just sharing some Instagram photo blogging with you all :)

Instagram is @mkt86, I'm on private just so I don't get really weird people following me :) let me know if you follow so I can add you!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'll be having a quiet Saturday scouting for locations to shoot and a dinner date.  Sunday is the day I'll be busy as hell running from one job to another.


  1. argh i love looking at your instagramed food photos!! i'm on a diet.. so i'm living vicariously through your foodie pictures hahaha

    and i love love your done up photos.. your eye make up is sooooo pretty!

    1. I try to diet... doesn't last even a week. I gave up. I think I'll live life enjoying food :p I just have to try not to put on anymore weight (wish me luck, I'm getting so fat eating all the time)

      I'm also getting back into the mood to make over myself a bit more recently. I normally venture our with completely no makeup on except for my brows filled in :p

  2. You eat such amazing looking food and I LOVE your red lipstick in those last couple of pictures- it's a great shade on you.

    1. I'm all about food, hence a diet never works :p I give up as long as I dont' put on anymore weight I'm happy :D
      Red lipstick can tend to make my big lips even bigger so I seldom wear it. I also find it hard to find a red lip that suits me really well :p fussy perhaps

  3. sooo many yummy food!! =D you look really pretty with all the makeup looks you did :) XO


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