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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swan Valley Road Trip once again and update on upcoming photos...

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  It is long weekend in Perth Australia this weekend, so I'm just glad I have a monday off.

Been flat out busy trying to seriously pursue my makeup career.  I'm pretty determined to get paid jobs and at the same time accepting shoots that will help me build my portfolio.

I've recently did a shoot with a hairstylist who wanted a particular look for her shoot that she'll use in her look book.  She's a wonderful lady who is amazing at hair (cut/style).  So down to earth and easy going that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.   I was also lucky to have the work photographed by a talented fashion photographer who recently had a gorgeous baby girl (she is so cute!).

Anyway here were the two makeup plans I prepared ahead of time to present to the hairstylist to confirm it is what she wanted.  Her shoot is an inspiration from a photo she saw via searching google image.  It's a photo out of a Vogue (Italia?) magazine a couple years back.  Absolutely stunning, with that vintage couture look to it.

Photo taken from google image via a search

Two designs for two models.
Here is a sneak peak of the results from the shoot that Elle J-Photographer (can find her on facebook) had posted up.  Absolutely love them and they're stunning.  I hope to keep on producing high quality makeup looks and continue to experience more and learn from those who had been in the industry longer (mua, hair, stylist, phototog).

This photo rightfully belongs to the Elle J-Photographer

While I'm posting I thought I just share my lovely Saturday road trip to Swan Valley (had posted about this before).  I once again set out on the road and this time with my mum, Aunty, grandma and a family friend from Hong Kong.  It was a day with beautiful weather, not cold nor too hot and the day was relaxing.  Sometimes enjoying the simplest things can make it a better day for yourself.

Some photos from Instagram that I would love to share...

Jude Taylor's Art Gallery and Cafe

Light Lunch - Tasting Plate

Mondo's Nougat Factory - Little Vintage Fiat

Koi at the Fish and Lily Farm

Beautiful Water Lillies

Adding new members to our home pond, we bought 3 small Koi home for dad as a gift

Citrus Swanville Farm, oranges and mandarins fresh for sale
Margaret River Chocolate Factory - Gift from family friend from Hong Kong

Mango and Lemon Cheesecake

Nuts and Caramel Tart

Dad's gift, 3 new babies for his pond

view of a vineyard and the beautiful weather to finish off this post.


  1. Great pics hun! The models makeup looks stunning!

  2. whoa those models look amazing!!!

    so sweet that you guys got your dad some new koi babies!!! that cheesecake looks SOO NOMMY!!!

    1. cheesecake was my choice. It tasted so bloody good!
      It was sad watching dad lose big koi because they got old so we thought some new babies would cheer him up.

      the shoot was major fun and it turned out better than i expected it to :D


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