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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flat out exhausted

My grandma is leaving to go back to Hong Kong after a 3 month visit here in Perth.  I've had the opportunity to eat her Hakka food that she used to make all the time in Hong Kong.

My favourite is definitely her sticky glutinous rice balls (Mochi) filled with crushed up roasted peanutes and brown sugar.  Absolutely a delicious snack and not too sweet, yet so soft.

Peanut and sugar filling

Grandma with Mum and Auntie making Hakka Mochi :D

They are huge and not your little japanese size ones, filled with loads of goodies inside.


I'll miss her and thank her for growing so much organic vegetables in our garden, it is always a pleasure to have her around and was so glad she could come for my brother's wedding.

Haven't a clue what they are but, I eat them regardless.  Grown by grandma with lots of love.
Sorry I have yet to share the wedding photos with you guys. They're on honeymoon still and had not viewed the photos themselves so I have yet to see them too.

Anyway I've been playing around with a camera lately and got a bit all photography addicted for a moment.  I took some photos using lighting and a flash.  Not professional, but not shabby though.  I should really spend a bit of time playing around with it more to understand it better.

Made my dog sit int he box for this photo.
Bought this recently at a sale and love it.  I'm obsessed with owls for some reason.
Earrings I tend to wear out a lot at night

Always had loved pearls, these one were a gift from my mother

Loved these one too, especially the vintage clasp it comes with.  It belonged to my mother and she had given them to me.

Favourite crystal necklace, simple yet classy?

Bought this fascinator last year at Target and never got to used it.  I will need to find a day I can wear this out

A gift from a good friend Rachael.  I'm obsessed with birdcage so this is definitely the perfect earrings for me!

Grandma early May having fish and chips in Fremantle, Kalis Bros.
I hope grandma had enjoyed her stay and will see her when we visit her in Hong Kong next time.

Everyone have a safe and happy week.  I've been cramming in shoots here and there and I know July is going to be a busy birthday month!


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  2. OMG your gma is SOOO CUTE!!! that picture of her with the fried fish is sooo adorable!!!

    aww i love love mochi!! especially homemade mochi is the best because it's made with love :)!!

    loved looking at all the new jewelry pieces you picked up!

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