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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Afternoon creativity & Sneak Peek

Had a glorious Saturday afternoon free for once and being someone who gets bored very easily.

I had bought this vintage looking bird cage from a store for $10 and had since left it in a corner for some bit.  These bird cage are very popular at the moment and they sell out fast at the stores, but I know they keep stocking them up.

I also collects little bits and pieces when I venture in craft stores.  Most things are only a couple of dollars and just put them into a basket until I dig through it to see if I have anything I could use.

Here is a couple of instagram to share with you my little short journey of being creative until I lost patience.

Before any decorations added.

Beginning to add the paper flowers

Progressing downwards

Complete with flowers and a bit of lace.
Also up coming sneak peek of the next post of a photoshoot I did a couple of week back.  Absolutely loving them!

So... Stay tuned!


  1. The bird cage looks so pretty with the white and purple flowers. What do you do with the bird cage? I know my friend used it for her wedding as decor and also to place those money envelops in it.

    1. I just use the birdcage as decorations around the house. I also uses it for props for photoshoots if the image fits :) They are certainly very very popular for weddings as of late :D

  2. omgsh $10 for that birdcage! so cheap! and i love how the flowers makes it so pretty now, nice touch :)


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