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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coming soon...

Hopefully I'll have some great photos to share of work I've been doing for the last couple of week.  However the one I'm most excited about is the one I just did on Saturday. 

A fashion shoot with some very "out there" outfits that a fashion stylist friend of mine had put together. It involved a lot of colour and animal prints.  It turned out absolutely amazing when just viewing the photos off the camera screen.  Can't wait until the previews go up soon and can actually see the unedited/proof of the photos.  I just know I'll love them, I had so much fun that day that I was excited about seeing the photos on the computer screen when the shoot ended.

Another shoot that I am excited about is collaborating with a great hair stylist this coming Friday and a fabulous fashion photographer.  I really can't wait and I'm excited about doing the makeup for it as it's a vintage couture sort of look.

For the time being here are some sneak peak of behind the scenes.  Unfortunately I don't carry any good camera gears and I always use my phone.  I already carry bags and makeup around so I don't really want to have to worry about anymore loads.  I don't even carry a handbag.  I just take what I need and like $20 in case I need to pay for something/buy something to eat or drink.

The hair stylist will be colouring and styling hair similar to these two following photos.

Keep an eye out on this blog or on my Facebook Page:

I've been obsessed with a couple of things lately and I don't know why.  I simply just tend to reach for these things a lot as of late.

mmm cadbury chocolate goodness!

Purple tights and orange shoes are my fav combo at the moment.  Also the cute slippers are a bonus

Potato Wedges with Sweet Chilli, Sour Cream and Garlic Mayo

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. ahhh amazing!! love love seeing the behind the photos shots of your makeup shot!! can't wait to see more photos hon!


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