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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sigma F80 Brush Review and Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi Guys!

I am back! How good it feels to be able to blog again and not have to worry about having a pile of homework stacked up behind me.

The final assessment went great and I can’t wait until the photographer contact me to pick up my professional photos! They looked so good just seeing them on the camera and my model was just gorgeous!

Today my review is sponsored by Sigma at, and I’ve been given the chance to review a brush that is very popular within their brushes. It’s the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. A lot of you may have seen this one or even the F82 or F84 around when reading beauty blogs.

F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush comes with a phamplet

They’re the new (relatively new, have being out for a bit now) sigmax brush line aimed for the use of high definition and flawless makeup application. The design of these brushes compared to regular brushes is that they don’t absorb as much as the regular brushes do, meaning you’re not wasting too much product each time you apply liquid, cream or powder makeup.
Packaging of the brush

Simple yet sleek

The F80 is designed for the use of applying liquid, cream and powder products like foundation. The brush is dense, yet soft and buff products into your face really well.

Each brush is labelled

Soft Synthetic Sigmax HD filament

Dense so it is great for buffing in your foundation, also a great brush to use for Mineral Powder Foundation.  No shedding as of yet so definitely happy!

When I wash my MAC stippling brush after one application of liquid foundation and compared it to when I washed my F80 brush, it was evidence that the fibre on the F80 brush indeed did not absorb as much as regular brushes. I find it blends a lot better, faster and easier compared to a stippling brush which is what I use on a regular basis to apply my liquid foundation.

In my opinion it is a great brush and I’ve being using it everyday to apply foundation and it’s easy as it buff it into your skin so well. It gives you that nice flawless finish without any hassle.

Mine haven’t shed a single hair since I’ve gotten it and that is a major plus for me in my books. The thing I hate the most is shedding hair from brushes. I don’t want to have to be picking off hair on my face or if I were to use it on a client while on the job I hate having to pick off hair from their face. So no shedding which is good!!!

However please do wash it before you use it, I’ve noticed a little bit of that chemical smell on it. It is not overwhelming but if you have a sensitive nose you’ll pick up right away. Most new brushes will have some sort of smell to it, so I always recommend everyone to wash their brushes before using them for the first time no matter what. Doesn’t matter what brushes you buy you should always give them a good wash!

Anyway some of you guys might be wondering what the giveaway is. Well not only did I get the opportunity to review this product; I also get to giveaway one F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush away to a lucky follower! Sigma themselves will post the F80 brush directly to you when the giveaway is finished and the winner is announced. I would need to of course pass on your shipping address to them so they can send it out to the winner.


Must be 18 and older, otherwise I will need your guardian/parents consent for the use of the shipping address.

Must be a public follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect, if I can’t see you on my list then I won’t know.

If your GFC name is not the same as the name you comment with, please tell me or I won’t know and you may be disqualified.

One entry only!! I wanted to make this giveaway fair instead of giving extra entries for those who have blogs and what not.

Leave an email in the comment!!! Use this format to reduce spasm to your email


Giveaway ends 22nd May 2011, Australian Western Standard Time (GMT+8)

That’s all! Nothing complicated so everything is very straight forward with the giveaway. Good luck :)

Disclaimer: This review is sponsored by Sigma, therefore I did not pay for the brush myself personally. However I thank Sigma for giving me this great opportunity. The above review is my honest opinion.


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