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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recent EOTDs


Just popping in quickly to remind people I've posted up my 1 year Anniversayr Giveaway so check it out here:

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Anyway now onto some photos of two recent EOTD that I wore out during the day.  One is rather neutral/brown and the other is blue and green.

I rarely walk out during the day with bright eyes so it's good that this year I'm beginning to try more colours to wear out.

neutral browns

I think I need to clean up my brows a little bit :S

bright and I wore this out during the day!

love how pigmented the colours are!
All eyeshadows are by Inglot and I used a maybelline mascara lately, but I'm still in testing mode so I can't really say whether I like it or not.

If you like the colours I've used and would like to see more colours from Inglot then don't forget to vote by clicking on the link above :D

Have a good day everyone!


  1. I really like your neutral EOTD! Really pretty :)

  2. Thanks Susalie :D
    I like the neutral too, but I want to try wearing colours more this year too :p

  3. love your makeup here.. i will have to try this tutorial :)

    i'm hosting a gold birdcage bangle giveaway! please come and check it out :)

  4. Oh so pretty! I like these looks :)

  5. @Lisa: Thanks :)

    @Jen: thanks so much, they're Inglot e/s and look are pigmented they are!

  6. The blue/green looks so nice with your dark eyes :)

  7. ooh I love these, especially the blue one!

  8. @make-me up: Thanks i have dark brown eyes so browns, purples, blues and greens are supposed to be complimenting to my eye colour

    @Pretty Wonderful: I've been wearing a lot of blues and gress lately :)


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)