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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am Back!

I miss blogging soooooooooooooooooo much!

School is finally over and I've done all I can, but unfortunately I don't get to know if i completely passed everything until early January.  Despite that I've passed all my assessments and portfolio so that is a good start right?

I enrolled in the next course so hopefully I've passed and will be able to do that one starting next year.  I'm one step closer to my dream already!  I'm also loving bridal makeup so much that I felt emotional when the photographer was going through my photos that he took for my final practical assessment.

But anyway...


oh dear god I hope those eye bags will diminish from now on and not get bigger!

Hopefully my blog will get back on track and things will pick up again before it has to slow down when my next course start.  I miss you guys so much and I thank you for the continuous support even when I was away.  I was expecting the follower list to actually drop in numbers but I'm even HAPPIER to see it had gone up.  You guys made my day already :)

Stay tuned for up coming posts and I so got a lot of blog reading to catch up on.  I've only managed to drop in once in a while when I was away and I know I am very far behind!

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