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Friday, December 24, 2010

Daily Makeup and update

I know I haven’t being posting much makeup look and stuff lately, but I’m going through one of those period where my mind is blank and every time I try to sit down and something different or get creative I just go blank. It’s quite frustrating so hence I haven’t got much to post lately.

However I thought I would just share some photos of my makeup that I’ve being wearing on a daily basis. I seriously mean it when I say daily; it’s the same every day. Simple eyes with browns and instead of black liner I used black matte eyeshadow instead.

What I've been wearing everyday

New brown coloured contacts

Just some browns and black matte eyeshdow as liner

Pulled the hair back
I also would appreciate some ideas that some of you guys might have and you could give me a bit of a shout out in the comment section. Like colour combinations you would like to see for eye makeup. I would love to do another picture tutorial for everyone but since I go blank it’s kind of hard for me to focus.

Another quick question… any idea or suggestion on what hair colour I should dye my hair in January? It’s currently summer and I want a bit of a change. I may also be chopping off my beautiful long hair so don’t be surprised if I do :p


  1. awww very pretty look!
    go for light brown :) thats always a safe colour and itd totally match the summer ^^

  2. @Tezza: thanks for the compliment and suggestion. I was thinking of light brown too :p

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Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)