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Monday, February 1, 2010

A Quick Peek

Just a quick peek into my bedroom, well just the important corner that is. The corner with all my makeup, hair tools and magazines. I get ready here every morning for work and when i go out for some fun at night :)

It's a bit messy since I didn't have the time to pack some of the things out, so you can see magazines and draws opened :p It isn't anything fancy because I ended up using my old study table instead of buying a new table. I moved all my computers out of the room so it wouldn't be so crowded. The big mirror on the table was something cheap I recently bought from IKEA, if i remember correctly it was only $19.95. The also have some great lights you should check out, I bought one for $29.95 that could move around to suit my lighting preference when doing my makeup or hair.

I bought these small drawers for like $5 each a long time ago from Red Dot. I never ended up using them until now, and I just keep all the most used makeup in them. Like the foundations, concealer, some eyeshadow (mostly neutral), primer, powders, eyeliners and mascara. All my other makeup that I don't use on a regular basis are kept in a bigger Drawer compartment under the table. The brush holder was something I bought not too long ago, just last December before Christmas when everything went on sale. I got it for like $8 or something at Priceline. It's not that great but it will do for now while I shop around for something better :) The lipstick holder, was something free I got at a nearby pharmacy when i purchased a foundation from them. They gave me two of them but my mum took the other one.

Time for me to get some sleep, before another long day at work :)

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