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Monday, August 11, 2014

Friend's Grand Salon Opening 26th July 2014

I have an amazing friend who is also my hairdresser behind all the crazy colours I end up getting in my hair.  The creative woman behind my hair designs is a great friend of mine.  Sarah who had been hairdressing since she was 16/17 years old is definitely someone with loads of experience.  She had recently branched out into makeup artistry last year too and I'm happy that she looks to me from time to time for advice.

This year is a big year for her.  A goal of her had been made true and she and her husband is now proud owners of a Hair Salon.

Your Image Hair and Makeup (Salon)
358B Railway Parade, Beckenham
Perth, Australia

When I first saw this Salon after her purchase, I will have to be honest.  It indeed was old, run down and in need of a major makeover!  I didn't like anything in the salon and I'm glad the happy couple had settled to refreshing the salon to a place that is classy, bright and welcoming.

Proud Owners Sarah and Richard

Weird bunch much?
Above is what it used to look like.  The separation of the salon was rather odd to me and I didn't understand them.  Also those little separated rooms that were being taken down used to be the beauty rooms.  As you see they are not proper walls and having someone as tall as Richard would mean people could actually see over the room dividers!

All taken apart and look how spacious this salon actually is!
Yes... That's a disco ball hanging on the ceiling.  Why in a hair salon?  I really don't know!

I knew the salon was big, but I definitely did not expect it to be this big.  This shows that the way part the salon is important.

The official Grand Opening Launch Party happened on 26th July and after a whole week of renovation even i was proud of how it turned out in the end.  I'm still very excited for Sarah in her new venture in life and I wish her all the best.

Hair Products at the front of the shop before the reception
Waiting area next to the reception

Taken from the back of the salon where the foot spa is

Hair wash stations looking clean and sleek

One of the two beauty rooms.  Proper room built for privacy.  Needing some picture frames on the wall to brighten and warm up the place.
As you can see it is looking very good compared to how it used to look.  So I can say good work to everyone that had helped up regardless of how much they did.  Congratulations to Sarah and Richard, so happy for the both of you and hope business is always booming!

For the grand opening launch party we had four lovely models help out.  They got their hair done by amazing friend and hairdresser Sarah.  I volunteered to help her out with the makeup side as well as provide mini makeovers for guests that attended the party.

Touch up for Model Cassandra

Touch up for model Lauren during launch

Here are some amazing shots of Makeup by me and Hair by Sarah.  Designers of the dresses are Petra Vanessie and Villamar Couture.  All photos above and below are by good friend and photographer Fifi Robinson.

To finish off here are some full shots with the amazing dresses!

Hope everyone is having a good start to the new week!  I'll be stuck in the office doing loads of paperwork myself and to think this week has good weather too :(


  1. Wow! The salon looks really spacious and the renovation was done in such a short notice. Congrats to your friend on opening her own salon. What a dream come true.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

    1. Hi Jo

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the compliments. It sure was a crazy one week on long days and late nights. Her salon is so busy she now doesn't even have time for dinner dates haha

  2. what a great makeup and dress, all of the girls look so beautiful!


    1. Hi Putri,

      thanks for the compliment! The girls are beautiful to begin with anyway :)


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