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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photo Shoot: A Storm Through Time

A Storm Through Time. Is a photo shoot collaboration between another small team of creatives. The name actually came from the inspiration of the actual weather on the day. In all honesty, had made plans how to shoot and where to shoot and what outfits to change from one to another. HOWEVER due to it being winter here in Perth, the weather clearly did not like us that day. We all met up at the first destination and it was raining, not heavily but big enough that I got kind of wet. It proceeded to rain heavier and it got windy and rather cold. We had to keep moving so changed of plan it was.

 Time to head into Fremantle Town and see what we can do from there. Park our cars, unloaded and ran for cover in a tunnel. That's right we were seriously restricted inside a tunnel, so the shoot began in there first. Why not? We'll make this work... somehow... hopefully. Literally at every opportunity we had we would run out of the tunnel and into the open and snap away and then took cover again if it rained. Feeling frozen and upset with the weather the team powered on and just worked with what we could. By the end of the shoot our poor team was wet, tired and frozen. Big Thumbs up to the amazing model for freezing in that weather for this shoot and creating some rather gorgeous images.

 We submitted this shoot to Feroce Magazine and with great news they had decided to publish us in their August Issue part II. Congratulations to the amazing team of creatives and I'm glad we shot regardless of the weather. We seriously made it through a horrible storm, but looking back now it was all worth it!

Photographer: William Aung
Stylist: Christine Lisa
Hair and Makeup: Mandy To
Model: Kylie Board

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