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Saturday, September 13, 2014

My love for Makeup and Fashion

 Been a while since I've posted an update.  It's finally wedding season again here in Perth and I got knocked straight into it without a second glance.  I've had time from here and there, but beside that I just had so much work going on that it got a little crazy.

I had a great afternoon a couple of weeks ago with two of closest friends who I went to University with.  Of course what is an afternoon tea without a mini makeover right?  I had to take that opportunity to do makeup for them.

Below is a picture of my bride after her makeup trial for her wedding day.  However the funny thing is she ended up changing her mind last minute on the day about her makeup.  I still think she's absolutely gorgeous and her skin was so clear and healthy!

Missed my mug?  Trying to be cute is such hard work!  Gave myself double eyelid with tape and it sure as hell made my eyes look bigger and rounder.  Is this why Asians love their double eyelid tape?

I have to say I really do love myself with double eyelids.  It's certainly a new experience and there is so much makeup style I can do with this kind of eye shape.  However I don't have the energy to put on the tape every day, so I guess it comes down to me being in a good mood to actually do them.

This just happens to be a very popular eyeshadow colour for my asian brides this season.  It's a light peachy/coral colour with a light pink undertone to it.  It's definitely very spring and rather refreshing too.

Just last week I had the opportunity to attend a look and learn makeup masterclass by amazing makeup artist MARTIN BRAY!  He is currently the makeup artist for Xfactor Australia and I must say this man is absolutely inspirational and humble.  His work is amazing and the speed to produce an elaborate look is unbelievable!  I'm so glad I went and had learnt a lot of tips and tricks. Even the very creative looks that he created took like 30 minutes!  He can do a full face in 15 minutes and here I am spending a good half hour to 45 minutes on a full face.  Nothing creative just your usual beauty makeup.

A makeup artist never stops stocking up.  I never knew products can suddenly run out so fast, that I feel like it wasn't that long ago since I last stocked up.  Is this why I'm constantly poor?

I'm not usually big on fashion, well correction I love fashion but not on myself.  I also very rarely ever show much skin too!  I have however lost a bit of weight and my stomach is flatter, so a friend said to be proud of my achievement.  I never eve wear crop tops because of the fear of a big fat bulging belly.  Well this year is the year to go out of my comfort zone.  Regardless whether it is my career or personally I've been trying to try new things and see how it goes.  I'm definitely enjoying the experience and learning what I like and what I don't.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. woohoo!! look at you sexy thing you!!

    i love your outfits!! your stomach is so tight!

    pretty with double eyelids and without.. but i do know what you mean about being able to do more makeup looks.. i actually taped and glued my eyelids for years and went to sleep like that.. and the lines started to form by themselves!

    thanks for your comment on my page.. truthfully i'm just at a point where i want to simplify my life and i realized blogging was more stress than anything for me.

    1. I finally convinced myself to forget the number on the scales. Instead I opted to focus on body parts. First up was no more pot belly! It's not toned, but it's not bulging and no stretch marks so I'm happy for now. I'll work on it slowly. Thinking of toning my arms up a little bit, getting a bit flabby there. Because I didn't focus on the scale, I went to a friend's launch the other day and realised I dropped a dress size in her clothing line. WINNING!

      If blogging is no longer carefree and is actually stressing you out. Then yes I also support that saying goodbye and moving on to the next chapter is a good idea. There is better things in life than to worry about blogging!!

      I'm obsessed with instagram too!

      Best wishes and will keep in contact via instagram :)

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  3. Great makeup :D


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