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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Power of Makeup

These photos are fromt he Advanced Makeup Masterclass that was run by Dale Dorning.  My knowledge and skills had improved and broadened so much I'm so glad I jumped at the opportunity.  I may be poor after paying for a one day masterclass but I don't regret a single cents!

The knowledge and new skills I walked away with is by far the most overwhelming for me.  I have never done a class/workshop/course that had fed me so much and I felt like I was back at square one again.  It made me wonder why the previous courses I had completed was not as well planned and how I didn't feel like I was being fed to my satisfaction.

Believe it or not, it usually takes me about 35-45 minutes to knock out a face during a job.  I can confidently say I am now able to do a full face application between 20-30 minutes.  That's how much I've improved and how much faster I've gotten since completing this masterclass.  Just that alone tells me I have learnt some good tricks!

I'm also loving the skin finish a lot more than I had done before.  Not saying I wasn't doing a good job previously, just realising how much wasted time I was spending on the skin when I could had done it another way for a better result and a faster application time.   Have I been living in a cave????

Please enjoy the following photos of my beautiful model and friend Caitlyn.

Before any makeup application or even moisturiser.  Some blemishes and shadow is evident int he photo.

Photo taken outside the studio with natural lighting.  Makeup look #1 is a little more natural and soft.

Taken outside of studio with natural light + the camera flash.

Taken outside of the studio with camera flash, sun was setting so it was not appropriate to take a photo with just the natural light.

I'm loving how with the new makeup I've learnt it is coming from within.  I can give my model and future clients that natural healthy dewy glow.

I even went out of my comfort zone and went with a bold blue/green/yellow eye look.  I seriously VERY rarely ever use these three colours because I just don't have that security of the makeup turning up pretty.  It's my weakness and I am totally honest.  I HATE lip application, but after this class I won't say I like it yet...  I do however do a better job at it after learning of a new way to do it.

There is always plenty of room to grow, lots more knowledge and skills I would love to obtain and learn.  In fact Dale is coming back in August for a Advanced Photographic Makeup Masterclass and I've already enrolled.  This one is intense full day, with proper mentoring, real photo shoot and professional agency models.  I'm looking forward to learning all the tips/tricks/knowledge/skills there is to achieve amazing flawless photographic work.

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  1. i love this!! the power of makeup!!

    even just the very 2nd photos she looks like a legit model! so natural and pretty!

    oy i love coke too!! i try to not drink it that much these days but when i do i'll drink coke zero or something! don't be depressed!! you'll get there you just have to make the decision to do it :)


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