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Monday, February 17, 2014

The colours of Summer

Last year some time in October (I think), I had the pleasure with working with a great team again on a photoshoot.  A great friend of mine and a local designer Petra Vanessie produced a collection of gorgeous dresses fit for a lovely summer.

Photographer: Alex Bell @ Sundaysunset.images
Designer: Petra Vanessie
Stylist: Meg Gill
Hair stylist: Sarah Rowe @ Your Image Hair and Makeup
Makeup: Mandy To @ Man Ki To Makeup Artist
Models: Jude Geradin & Sacha Patterson
Assistants:  Andrea & Natasha

Makeup note:  Foundation is airbrushed on for both models.

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  1. i loveee love seeing your work!! it's like i'm seriously so in awe of how you can transform these girls by doing their makeup it's amazing they look BEAUTIFUL!!


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