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Friday, September 20, 2013

Alive... Just been busy!

So I got swamped with work during non-peak season, so technically when other Makeup Artists told me it's quiet during the winter... They LIED!  Now that wedding season started again (September to May is peak season), I am absolutely booked to the brim.  I mean it's a good thing and it means I'm in demand and I am making money, but I feel like I have no life.  Social life is very low and I'm starting to feel sad and lonely.  I hope I don't turn into a lonely old woman who only works.

Anyway even though I work heaps I still eat, I live without eating so I do have some good food porn to share with everyone.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and salivating over them too.

Off to work, more paper work to do before rushing off early in the morning for more weddings/bridal trials/hair trials/special occasion... then paper work again.

Did you miss my face?  Korean style selfie, because my skin was absolutely perfect looking here!

What do I eat when I'm hung over?  Udon... I crave udon for no reason.

Iced Coffee and Iced Mocha

OMG!  Best sticky date pudding/cupcake ever!  So Nom!

Occasionally I have that dim sum craving

Kustom Cupcakes, the Salted Caramel was sooooo good!
Latest Yogurt obsession.  Chobani Greek Yogurt is so good!

As much as I love my furbaby, sometime... she really frustrates me.  She likes to dig up rugs/mats when she's throwing a tantrum! Bah!

Early morning wedding start results in the furbaby sulking and not wanting me to go.  It makes me feel so guilty
My lovely designer friend Petra Vanessie and Stylist Meg treated us to a nice tea and it was absolutely lovely.  Beats your traditional high tea that most places usually do.

Chorizo and Avocado on some sort of mash patty.

Mushroom, spinach and feta cheese on toast?

Completely forgotten what this was but it was delicious


Chocolate pancake with syrup and some sort of sour cream.  It was so good!

Cookie Dough Biscuits is famous for their cookies!  They are the best I've tasted in my city!
The furbaby waiting at the door for me to come home :(

Guess who became crippled for a week!  Massive bone bruise from work.  It still hurts even now.

Fresh oysters with a squeeze of lemon tastes so good!

Best root beer ever!

Have a creative photoshoot coming up soon, so went and did some brainstorming

Fancy hot dogs, can't remember what it was but it had loads of cheese!

Just a normal family dinner.  This is how my parents like to have dinner.

Homemade lemonade at The Precint.

Hand cut chips

Popcorn chicken


Can't live without coffee!

Best chocolate fondant eaten so far in my city, Perth

Golden snow crab

Braised duck

Some sort of fried tofu


Fried eggplant

Meal for three ladies, the Duck live pate was so good!

A very disappointing chocolate fondant :(  There was no chocolate sauce that oozed out.

Bought a new red fluffy rug for my makeup studio... guess who liked the new addition?
Hope everyone is having a great week and will be having a great weekend!


  1. EPPS!! love this post!! you look SOOO cute omgosh like the prettiest fobby asian selfie ever.. mixed w/ a eskomi because of your furry hat hah!! love it!!

    omgosh the food in this post. DYING

    especially those yummy looking cupcakes.. the bright teal blue w/ pink sprinkles is so pretty! omg you don't even know sticky date pudding is like one of my top 5 favorite desserts IN THE WORLD!!

  2. a pretty girl and pretty food! I have missed you, hope things are going well!


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