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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hair Crazy...

Been over booked too much recently and not enough ME time, resulting in a very cranky, snappy and quiet Makeup Artist.

Also loaded in my intense 2 day hair workshop into the busy schedule and went a little hair crazy.  I swear when it comes to learning how to do hair I absolutely struggle and go nuts trying to shove knowledge into my brain.  However I survived and it was very rewarding and worth the time and money and all the craziness it gave me.  I'm now producing hair I've never though I would produce and learning the tricks of the trade had made life so much easier.  I work so much faster now in Studio work when it comes to hair and can whip curls out like lightning... ok ok probably not that fast, but seriously way faster than before.


  1. omggg you are seriously so amazing!! i especially love the one where it's all those gorgeous curls and then it's like pinned back/under?? i've always wanted to try that with my hair it's so gorgeous and elegant!

    1. I think I can now handle doing hair without having to go into struggle town and burn myself with hot tools. Still don't fancy doing hair much but at least I'm good at it now :p

  2. It’s amazing style. I look stunned by seeing it. It’s really incredible work. Melbourne Makeup Artist


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