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Monday, October 14, 2013

Wedding Season is no joke

It's been way too long since I've blogged and I thoroughly missed it heaps.  Unfortunately since becoming a working full time Hair and Makeup artist, means you put yourself in the Bridal industry.  Hence there is such thing as Wedding Season and that started in September for me.  It's only mid October now and I can say I'm absolutely exhausted and completely drained all the way down to my bones.

Weekdays I'm doing work for photography studios, shooting with designers and other talents and preparing for my future brides who of course wants a trial run.  Weekends is all weddings and more weddings and possibly if I can fit in trials and photo shoots too.

Of course among all the busy working hours (way too many hours), I still can't give up my food dates with friends and families.  I love food way too much and I would die if I was deprived of my love and journey to find good restaurants and cafes.

In between all of this on nights when I can't sleep because I'm so stressed and my mind just won't switch off, I've been slowly claiming territories in the house and the front lounge is pretty much my home studio.  My computer and work desk as well as all my hair and makeup equipment and products now live in there.

Please enjoy my pretty photos that I've been posting on Instagram as of late.

I have the weirdest fashion sense sometimes, but I really don't care.  I was so comfortable in this whole ensemble and our spring isn't really quite here yet.  It's like our weather is faulty and its stuck between cold winter and beginning of spring.

Scored this apricot colours peplum dress from Topshop in Melbourne on sale for only $28.  I'll be wearing this one to a wedding this coming Sunday.  The belt is super old, like 6 years old but hardly used and I don't even remember where I got it from.

The first ever maxi dress I didn't have to alter.  The length is perfect and fits so well that I was super excited.  Scored this one off ASOS for $26 and the black little cardi is from years back by a brand called Miss Shop from department store Myer.

Believe it or not I squeezed in a quick shopping trip in hope of finding a nice dress to wear to my friends wedding on Sunday, instead that was a failure and I picked up a pair of nude heels from Nine West at a bargain.  Original price is $139.95, discounted to $79.95 which was then further discounted to $49.95 and guess what... I got another further 30% off and it came to a cheap price of $34.95.  WINNING!  They are so comfortable to wear all day and they're just perfect for my skin tone too.  Absolutely going to be wearing these pair a lot this spring!

If you don't know already I am a big fan of high top sneakers and I scored these on Catch of the day for around $40-50 each.  Bother Reebok and both luckily in my size!

I wear sneakers everyday while working, they're the most practical and comfortable shoes to wear when you need to stand up all the time.  They can look pretty too ;)

My collection is growing and I look forward to adding to them and perhaps a shelf just to display them as well?

Been a bit addicted to accessories lately and I can't stop buying them, however I will only buy them when they're on sale so I guess that's ok?

This is my amazing friend who's getting married this coming Sunday.  I'm blessed to have met a person like her who's beautiful inside and out and I'm absolutely honoured to be her Hair and Makeup artist.  This actually isn't what she's wearing to her wedding.  It was only her first trial and since then changes had been made.

A trial run of a hair I had to do for a photoshoot at a studio.  Who would of thought braids look great?

Sometime Photo shoots are out on location and I'm happy to say my offices are awesome!

This is how I get ready in the morning.  As you can see my own stash is rather limited compared to my kit. Hahaha

Breakfast on the run!

RARE throw back thursday I posted on Instagram.. Guess who?

My new love, my beautiful and quirky neice.  Laura you're the happiest little bundle of joy.

I bet you all missed my face!  Well take that! stare away! Lol  Have a great week everyone and take care of yourself!

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  1. ahhh i can't tell you how much i love this post! fashion, food and beauty!!!

    and omgosh i'm DYING over you in that beige peplum dress!! you look seriously AMAZEBALLS AMAZING! so gorgy!!


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