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Friday, August 2, 2013

Overworking... not much social life...

Here I am again after... yeah I don't even remember when it was the last time I updated the blog.  I swear I've been so busy that I'm feeling so tired and physically drained that... I just might be ending up in hospital again!  Hopefully starting this month of August I'll a little bit more "ME" time and actually go eat properly and get some decent sleep.  None of this cramming last minute bookings into my schedule and skipping lunch or dinner or breakfast thing that is going on very frequently.

Among all of this craziness with a charity event I did about a week or two back, which I must add was crazy and very time pressuring.  I managed to squeezed in a tad bit of a social life or break... I think.

I'm addicted to buying hi-top sneakers again and in particular Adidas ones too.  I haven't owned one since Highschool but I think from now on they're going to be many more of these type of shoes to come. 

I'll have more of these babies soon!  Have my eyes on a pair of red Puma Hi-top sneakers :D

Went to a friend's Birthday at a nightclub one night about two weeks ago and thought I put some effort into doing some vintage inspired waves/curls.

Huge French toast, was very lovely though I found there was not enough bread and a tad too much egg.

People says I'm weird... well I can't blame them if they open my fridge and sees this!

Every Makeup artists nightmare, cleaning brushes... especially if you own a load of them

Makeup artist second nightmare, cleaning the kit and sanitising your products :(

Addicted to Minion Rush, the only game I play while waiting for clients these days

MMMMMMMMMMM I love loads and loads of sauce with my pasta

Always order the Apple, lime and Ginger juice at Tuck Shop.  So fresh and tastes so good!

Had a meatball craving that day and this was so satisfying!

Inspirational, unfortunately I did not buy this to put on my desk :( Might have to go back and get it.

Miss Coco refusing to wear a dress... WHY!?  Cos I Don't wanna!

Not sure if I've mentioned this, my brother and his wife had their first child, a baby girl on June 5th.  I've officially became an Aunty.  Way to feel old!

Stay healthy and have a great weekend everyone!


  1. aww your nephew is adorable!! congrats on being an aunty!!

    omgosh i don't think i would be able to be a makeup artist.. 1. i'm a complete germaphobe and 2. i'm a lazy sob. hahahahahaha. i think that would be a volatile combination.. i would ultimately give up and just chuck all my brushes out the window HAHAHA :p

    oh and to answer your question.. i look "perfect" in my photos because I 1. I take a a gazillion selfies/make the Hubs take a gazillion pictures.. and I'll pick 1 or 2 that I find acceptable HAHAHA :p

    1. Thanks! I love the baby. Btw it's a GIRL ahahahahahaha I'm finding it so funny that everyone thinks it's a boy. I think because it looks like my brother and the colours she wears can be deceiving :p

      so the secret behind looking perfect... I shall try taking a gazillion pictures too, if i can be bothered :p

      Yeah Makeup artist is a lot more to it than we think. I get so creeped out when I don't wash my brushes because I think about all the germs and bacteria and what not that gets caught in my brushes :(


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