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Monday, July 8, 2013

Olive Farm Designs, New Collection

Sometime ago near the end of April I did a very last minute photo shoot for a lovely Hair adornments designer who goes by the brand Olive Farm Designs.  Liv the designer is extremely creative and talented in making hand made hair pieces just for weddings and other special occasions.  The fine details and the gorgeousness of her work makes me "ooo" and "ahhh" every time I see them.

I had a pretty busy schedule that Sunday and had gotten a bit of a urgent missed call message from the lovely Liv.  Luckily I checked my phone halfway through my second job and had listened to the message while doing some touch ups for the then client.  Their original makeup artist had ran into some situations and wasn't able to make it at a very last minute.  I managed to fit in the shoot, though not the whole shoot, but most part of it before having to rush home to see another client.  It was close to where I lived so that was a bonus giving me a little more time to spend on the location shoot.

Anyway enough boring talk, here are some photos finally released. You can check out more of her work on Facebook as her website is still in the process of being made.


Shoot - Olive Farm Designs 2013
Hair pieces & Styling - Olive Farm Designs
Photographer - Jason Tey Photography
Model - Penny Slawinski 
Dress - Schofield Designs
Hair - Dez D'Souza Hair
MUA - Mandy To - Makeup Artist
Furniture Hire - Pretty Willow

I absolutely adore wedding veil caps.  So vintage and feminine

The head wrap can be turned into a waist tied belt  or sash for your wedding dress, how handy is that!

Olive Farm Designs also makes other beautiful pieces like the red belt with flowers to be tied to your dress.


  1. Beautiful pictures... my favourite one is the 2nd last one.... really gorgeous :)

    1. thank you
      The second last one is one of my favourites too :)

  2. omgosh she looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I love love the hair pieces.. omgosh would look so amazing for weddings!!

    but seriously what is the business about you in the hospital on a IV drip?! are you for real?? because if you are you SERIOUSLY need to slow down and relax! definitely some R&R is in order for you!! omgosh I hope you're better now though!!

    1. The hair pieces are amazing right!!! all carefully handmade by the designer. She has so much love and passion for it all her work comes out absolutely divine.

      This IV drips business is indeed real :(
      I did 2 weeks of 7 days, 7 nights work and by the end of the second week I was feeling very Zombie and it was every second energy was just draining continuously.

      I felt so exhausted, run down and sick but I bustled along and completed all my work and appointments. My mum yelled at me saying I looked green in the face. Ended up calling my GP and he advised I come see him straight away. I did and he drove me to the hospital he frequents where his patients have babies and surgeries. He made me sleep and hooked me up on the IV drip. I had 2 full bag.

      I felt so much better after the hospital though. I went home to sleep and went back to work the next day :P

      I seriously need a long vacation or even just time off work to do nothing and laze around and eat and sleep and do something I want to do :p

      Lesson learnt. Don't squeeze in or overload your own schedule.

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