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Monday, May 6, 2013

Knocked down by a Cold

I got knocked down by a cold and is on the road to recovery.  It was absolutely hell trying to do loads of makeup and hair jobs throughout a day, with a horrible cold and then getting home and collapsing straight onto the bed or sofa.

Now left with a gross itchy throat full of muscus I'm constantly hacking up phlegm and it's no fun at all.

Any way let's not talk about my gross sickness/cold.  I have some pretty photos to share with you and some food porn too.

Always keen to try high tea every where.  It's the one thing I constantly hunt for.  Yet to find a really good place for it but there is plenty of other places still on my list to try.

Someone gets a bit clingy sometimes and want to sit right beside me on bed while I'm working.

I grew up eating these!!!!!  The whistles don't work as well as they used to :(

Did some minor update on my website and made it very simple and easy to navigate.

This piece was heaven.  smooth creamy mousse like icing and moist chocolate cake that's not overly sweet :)

I did a photo shoot recently that was very last minute and it was in a bush area :p

Been drinking heaps of H2Coco water lately.  This was alright.

Soaking up some nice sun!  What a life!

Airbrush testing

Sick and home alone means doing stupid things.  I sent this one to Mumma bear and she... was not impressed ahahaha 
Oh Yeah!!!  Airbrush kit.  Temptu s/b foundation, blush and highlighter and recently acquired Elementwo s/b Foundation and soft tone blushes.

Fending for myself since Mumma bear is away on a well deserved holiday.  Youtubing and watching Wongfu Productions while chopping up vegetables

This looks like I'm running some sort of catering business.  Made Beef Stew and Butter Chicken and placed them into contianers to store away in the freezer.


Gordon Street Garage, Perth, Australia

Such a pretty cake display in a cabinet!

Vegetarian breakfast

Garage Breakfast

Beautiful weather means I'm working outdoor, with my furbaby of course.

NARS Lipstick in Valaparaiso?

saw Cirqu Du Soleil show - OVO.
Absolutely amazing and enjoyed every moment of it.
They never disappoint!

After the show and their trade mark blue and yellow tents :)

Got my hands on some new Z Palettes.  Means more depotting for me ;)
Have a great week everyone!


  1. Aaah, those nasty colds... Good to hear you're getting better though. I hope you'll feel all better soon! X

  2. argh i'm so sorry your sick.. but i'm seriously impressed that while sick you were able to do all these things hahaha! that tea time looks divine.. and the china looks so pretty.. omgosh i'm SERIOUSLY impressed you made all that beef stew and butter chicken! looks sooo so good i loveee butter chicken like you don't even know!!

    1. If I can still walk and get out of bed, I'm not sick enough. Just been running around like a made woman wearing one of those surgical mask :p

      mmmm Butter chicken! I love it too much, I eat it at every indian restaurant I go to. It's a MUST

  3. lovely photo babe. hope u recover soon

    had a screen thru ur blog and im already in love! you just gained a new follower <3

    xx michelle

  4. Get well soon! The food looks delicious c:


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