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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Before and After Makeup

I'm going to start doing some Before and After makeup on some friends/model/clients and will be sharing them on my blog.

Last weekend I caught up with a wonderful friend of mine.  She had finally passed her last CA exam!  Congratulations to my lovely friend Astrid.  Well done!

I bought dinner from a trusty Malaysian hawkers on my way to her house with my loaded ready to give her a makeover and my DSLR with a Speedlight attached ready to capture the difference.

The following products were used:

MAC Face and body Foundation
Eve Pearl Cream Foundation (as a concealer)
Napoleon Perdis Translucent powder
Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow - Trenchcoat (Contour shade)
Napoleon Perdis Eyeshadow - Skinny Dip (Highlight shade)
Smashbox blush
Eyeko Mascara
Inglot Brow Powder
Eve Pearl Lipgloss

Above is all I used.  The contour shade in Trenchcoat was also used to contour the cheeks, however this shade cannot be overloaded or can start looking very grey.

Astrid's Before and After
Something as simple as this is suitable for daily wear be it work or going out.  Sometimes less is more and it's all you need to even out the skin and cover blemishes and highlight/contour the features of your beautiful face.

Astrid was happy with the look and wanted to learn how to do her makeup like this, so I'm looking forward to teaching her and going shopping with her to get new products to recreate the above makeover.

What do you guys think?


  1. omgosh she looks sooo amazing and polished in the after picture!!! you are so talented babe!

    1. It shows how a little goes a long way. Sometimes putting on too much just isn't that nice.

  2. She looks great, I love before and afters! I'm thinking of getting F&B when I go to the US, would you recommend it?
    Can't wait to see more posts like this! xx

    1. Thanks!

      In regard to your question about the F&B foundation.

      As a makeup artist the Makeup Forever Face and Body is way better than the MAC face and body foundation. However it is a little tricky to get right.

      I chose MAC simply because it is easier for me to stock in my kit as I can order it from Melbourne with my MAC Pro discount.

      MAC Face and Body foundation is also now sold in a normal MAC store but only the smaller bottle, not the original Pro size of 120ml. The 120ml can however be bought online from the MAC australia website + postage :)

      Face and body is a water based foundation that is thin, but you can build coverage by layering it on.

      I find it best to apply this foundation by hand, brush for a heavier coverage. It's a big NO NO with a sponge as that will just soak it all up (water based foundation).

      Hope this had helped you in some way in deciding :)

  3. Whoa! It's always amazed me how makeup can make your skin look so good!

    1. yes! MAC Face and Body is a light foundation too.

  4. Wow, she looks amazing! I love the before/after idea!

  5. She is beautiful but after makeup she is looking awesome. You have done a great job.
    Melbourne Makeup Artist


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