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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inglot Lipstick: freedom style

This post is overdue but better late than never I guess.  I'm sure you guys would have read my Inglot Eyeshadow post just recently, well this was the same Inglot trip I took at the time and in addition to just 4 eyeshadows I also picked up 15 colours of their lipstick in the freedom style (pan).

I like how they smell nice and the fact that they are creamy and smooth to apply to the lips.  It's also not drying like some brands can be.  Their original retail per pan is $8, which is my opinion is still very affordable and great for those who are building a makeup kit.

In my 15 choiced I have chosen a wide range of colours to suit for many occasion, events and jobs as a makeup artist.  I do plan on getting some more, but for now I am very satisfied with my collection thus far.

I don't use Inglot freedom palettes anymore as I love my Z palettes so I just stick them in there.

Here are the swatches on my bare arm, so keep in mind it may not be 100% accurate as my skin and the colour of my lips are different.  Just as the colour of your lips will be different on me and depending on what lip liner is used underneath can also alter the colour the lip colour slightly.

L-R: 02. 09, 10, 13

#13 is a very popular wedding lip colour and is a gorgeous soft/nude-ish pink colour.

L-R: 21, 24, 25, 26
 #21 is a very sparkly bronze colour and definitely not an everyday lip colour either.  However it can look very stunning when used correct and I have great plans for it for photoshoots and especially on women of colour (brown/dark skin tones).

L-R: 29, 32, 50, 72

L-R: 81, 88, 89
Hope you enjoyed the post and that the swatches will in someway help some of you out when picking out some colours the next time you visit/purchase from Inglot Cosmetics.

Complete nude/naked face with just some moisturiser on.
Been going through a good facial treatment with loads of masks to help my face recover from loads of makeup abuse.  It's now clearing up and beginning to look way healthier and brighter then it did a couple of months ago.  Still need to work on the sleeping habit though as my dark circles only get bigger :(

My hair is a light chestnut brown colour that had faded out and is growing out at the roots.  I have no plan of dying it again as I want my natural dark colour to grow out as I get my hair cut/trimmed.  Resulting in some ombre/dip dye coloured hair.  I wonder if it will work....

My brother finally got married after 11 years of dating this wonderful girl who had long before became a family member to my family.   May 5th 2012 was their big day and it was a wonderful small family wedding with less than 40 guests.  Weather was crazy with pouring rain, but on their day the weather was very generous and it didn't rain, get windy or hot or even cold.  It was perfect weather and the best kind of weather for photography.  I had done the hair and makeup for my new sister-in-law at her parents house (where she was getting ready) and hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some photos to share with you all when the professional photographer gets around to going through over 1000 of photos he took that day.  I look forward to seeing these photos and I hope you do too.

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Have a great week and a great weekend.


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    1. talk about delicious they actually small delicious Mikelle!

  2. omgosh so so pretty!! i especially love the bright pinks and purple colors!!

    you have such beautiful skin!! what kind of masks are you using?

    1. the colours are amazing! Love them to death.
      I use facial masks that I buy from Hong Kong. There is a brand/store called Joseristine.
      They have loads of different masks. The ones i'm currently using from that store is;
      Ki - Kycehuaugn iackuen - Brightening Freckls Facial Mask
      Joseristine- Eye Firming Coutour Gel Mask

      They're also relatively cheap! Feels so good on the face and really helps to moisturise and keep the skin clean, clear and soft :D

  3. The colours are amazing and a great range for all different occasions!


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