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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gorgeous Model, awesome photographer and a quick afternoon shoot...

Saturday 24th, the week of my birthday which was on Thursday 22nd (so I'm 26 now)... was the day I had slapped in a quick beauty shoot with a photographer friend and one very gorgeous model.
Phone camera of a part of the park.

It was a usual afternoon, not too hot and not too cold.  The sun however wasn't favouring us much, it decided to play hide and seek behind some fluffy clouds.

Phone camera, beginning of shoot with a white dress

Phone Camera - behind the scenes

The photographer and I wanted to suddenly do a beauty shoot.  One with a bit of a bohemian style to it, but at the same time some not over the top and just a soft beautiful look for the model.  Our venue was definitely a great one, just a small park in the heart of the city.  Rather strange location, but a VERY popular location for weddings.  We had to keep avoiding them or was told to leave because they had booked the area.  It didn't matter, a team of 3 just shuffled along and finished around 5:30pm.  Photos were looking great even on the little screen of the photographer's camera.  Super excited to see them.

Phone Camera - Sacha the beautiful model, she wasn't very tall but her legs were to die for!

Kenny the Photographer and Sacha the model int he final outfit before a bridal party came

Is the amazing photographer I've worked with.  I've worked with him about 3 times now and it just gets better.

I'm not being vain or conceited, but I have to say this is by far the best I've done and my favourite as well.  I can see my own improvement.  Proof photos (unedited photos) were great and I was proud of my makeup.  Airbrushing the foundation was an excellent idea after all, beside this model (Sacha) had the most gorgeous skin I have ever seen since I started my makeup artistry career.  She needed very little coverage and airbrushing was the perfect base for her.

I will now stop blabbering on about god knows what and share some lovely photos with you all.  These are all professional photos provided by the photographer (, they are not to be used without permission!

I also styled her hair and put together outfits for the model with the help of my lovely little friend Rachael.  She has the most amazing collection of clothes and jewelleries.

Favourite Shot! Just simply gorgeous

So what do you guys think?

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  1. the model looks gorgeous! you've done a great job,, looks like a fun shoot :)

    1. thanks for dropping in Ashii!
      it was indeed a fun shoot

  2. oh wow!! the model looks AMAZING!! her makeup looks so flawless and stunning on her.. ADORE her eye makeup.. she looks so doe eyed!!

    1. Thanks :) This model had the most amazing skin taht I had to just airbrush her. Love her eyes and she's such a natural when it comes to photoshoots. Reminds me of ads for clothing stores suited for the young adults :P


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