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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's going on in my life?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all your support regardless how tardy I haven't been with updating this blog.  I guess life is catching up on me especially with work and then trying to put in all my effort to actually create a background/career for myself in the makeup artist industry.  It's definitely not easy and I'm seriously giving it my all to try and make things happen.

So thank you to all those who had left me encouraging/concerning emails.  I've felt so happy and blessed after reading them all.

Here I am today with a day off work because I've gotten so tired and sick that I was not allowed to come in.  Never have that ever happened in my whole working life.  I used to go to work even if I was unwell.

I've been doing photoshoots to help build up my portfolio and to network so I can meet more photographers, models, and stylists who are also in the industry.  It's been great fun working with new talents creating makeup to go with a shoot, but also very tiring as I feel I don't really have any free day to actually just sit down and take a nice long break.

I've also been busy building up my new website just for my makeup artistry and even though it's kind of empty and still under construction you can still check it out here:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  I am hoping to have time to sit down and add more photos to the albums when I can.  It's so empty that it looks kind of sad really.

Also I now have a professional email which is just for my makeup related business/enquiries, so you guys can contact me on this email.


Also for updates on how my makeup artist career is going follow me on my Facebook page here:

I also did a really cool fashion shoot with a photographer, 2 models and a stylist on Monday 5th, since it was a long weekend in Perth.  It turned out great and I can't wait to actually see the proof photos soon.  It was the first time I worked with a full team for a shoot and the experience was amazing.  I will definitely share those photos with you guys too.

Here are two photos from a shoot I did for a local fashion designer, Petra Vanessie. Photographer is Kenny Gunawan and the hair stylist is Shane Uchino.

Also this one was from an early shoot, it wasn't the best but I'm improving with every shoot I do and the more makeup I apply on different faces the faster and better I get.  Real life is so different from learning back in Makeup school.

Photgraphy by Trevor at Red Carpet Photography
Also I will be closing down my professional website:

Not because I don't want to continue it or I'm giving up.  There will be a professional blog on my actual website (mentioned above).  All posts on that blog on my professional website will only be makeup artistry related so if you're interested check it out from time to time.

On another note...

I've been hearing wonders about Maybelline Tattoo cream eyeshadows.  I am majorly sad that Australia have not even got it yet!  That's just ridiculous.  We get everything at least 3-4 months later than any other country.  Why is it like this?  I wouldn't have a clue.  I'm deprived as I see the wonderful swatches of the colours and how much people had raved/recommended them.  I just want to try them already!!!!

Hope everyone have a good week and I'll update soon too.  Got some new stuff that I want to share with everyone.


  1. you are seriously such an AMAZING makeup artist! i mean these girls seriously look gorgeous!!

    haha i dunno if i've really lost weight but since the new year my husband has been making me walk with him for 30 min everyday hahaha.. i think it's helping me a bit :) atleast just to tone up some muscle :)

    1. awww thanks Lisa. I seriously bust my ass to get things done properly and perfectly. I only see imperfections everytime i see the final results in the pictures. However no matter how upset I get some time I take it as a learning experience to improve better next time.

      It's great you're going for walks. I used to go for 1 hour walks with my mum, but since moving out from home I don't even exercise anymore :p it's so bad!

  2. hi there! i love reading your blog especially since I'm an aspiring makeup artist myself :) i was wondering, have you started doing paid makeup jobs yet- or is it mostly work experience you've done? also, what do you want to end up doing- high fashion makeup or more film/theatre? thanks for the help :)

    1. Hi!

      I'm fairly new to the industry. I do both experience/TF/paid jobs. I only consider TF jobs which is "Time For", usually a swap for photos for my portfolio if I find the job will benefit me. Most of my money however comes from doing makeup for weddings/Balls/Formals and I also run mini makeup workshops for locals who want to learn how to apply their own makeup.

      You'll find that you will have to give in and do a few TF/no paid jobs in order to build your portfolio and to network.

      Are you still studying? or have you joined any networking site like Model Mayhem?

      I'm more interested in fashion makeup, but I may eventually go into theatre/film later down the track. However at the moment I am focused on building portfolio and networking with a various range of talents like models, stylist, photographers, etc.

      Hope my little bit of knowledge had helped you.

  3. yeah, networking with people in the industry and doing a few unpaid jobs seems like the way to build a good career and get out there! i'm not studying- thinking of doing a course though.

    thanks for your help, will take on your advise and network with a lot of people.

    all the best! will continue to read your blog :)


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