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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing with some green eyeshadow


Don't have an actual look to share since it the same as the usual everyday look.  I was playing around with green eyeshadows and this is what I came up with.  I only ended up doing one eye since I wasn't sure how this would turn out.

Anyway you might have noticed I have black brow, I would never walk around normally with brows that dark.  So the black brow is for the purpose of this look.  I thought a stronger brow would suit it better than the usual brow look I would wear normally.

just for fun :)

Products used:
MAC Paint Pot - Painterly

Inglot e/s...
412 - inner third of eyelid + two third of lower lash line
17 - outer two third of eyelid
414 - upper lash line + one third of lower lash line
429 - Crease/above the greens on the eyelid + inner corner on lower lash line
403 - gold in between the two dark green lines
351 - Brow highlight
63 - Black eyeshadow for the brow

Eyeko Mascara - Big Eyes

Without flash
The colours didn't come out as vibrant as they did in the photos as compared to real life :(

With flash
Washed the colours out even more :( DOH!

Unfortunately I had absolutely shocking lighting and it is evening so I'm sorry for the horrible photos :p

I also think I should of taken the greens on the eyelid higher for a brighter/dramatic eye look...

Then again this was for fun so I've learnt some new things and what I didn't like about it...

What do you guys think for something done out of the blue?


  1. I like a darker brow for some looks - I think it really makes the face pop. This is such a cool look - I love your color blending techniques!

  2. lovely look, it's so pretty!

    Alice x

  3. It's always fun to experiment. :D Great job!

  4. @Rock-or-not: thanks :)
    @Anna: thanks. i agree with darker brows can sometime bring out the whole look.
    @Pretty Wonderful: Thanks Alice :)
    @Tiffyama: i hardly get time to experiment, but recently i'm on a no spending mission so now the time i usually use for reviews can go into having a bit of fun like old times :)

  5. Hey Mandy, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! I really like this eye makeup by the way and I like the strong eye brows :)

  6. This looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful :)

  7. mandy that's so pretty!! your eye color is gorgeous!

  8. You look great in those green color as you have set one of your display photos (the left one!like it).


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)