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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recap of school in 2010 and recent creations


Finally doing an actual post and I thought today I would share some work I’ve done when I was studying makeup last year in October to December. It was tough for me to go back to school since it been years since I’ve graduated from university. However this sort of schooling was a complete different experience. Mostly practical so it was a lot of practising at home to get things right. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I’m definitely looking forward to the new course that is starting early February.

These beautiful eyes belongs to my good friend Astrid.  She has eyelashes that doesn't need to be curled!

browns and bronze combination

Taken with Flash

My younger Cousin Chanel was my Model throughout the whole 8 week course

Soft make up look for Portfolio

Evening look for Portfolio

Final Assessment was Bridal Photoshoot makeup!  Here is the finished product and hair is also by me :)

Professional photo by pro photographer hired by the school

Now on to two recent creations I’ve done in my spare time, however my creative mind is not working.  It’s still on holiday and hasn’t returned to me yet which is quite upsetting for me.  No matter how much I want to play with makeup because I have free time at the moment, nothing ever comes to mind and things don’t turn out the right way.

Always had loved purple so first EOTD for 2011

Used Inglot Eyeshadows

Closed eye shot

Purple and Blue combination

Closed eye shot

Both of these were created on the same day when I was bored and could finally get something to turn up right

To finish off the post is a reminder to everyone that no one is perfect and I am definitely not perfect.  We’re all beautiful in our own way regardless if we wear makeup or not.  So here I share with you the very first naked photo of my face for 2011.

Fresh out of the shower with hair still wet.  Feeling quite naked :p


  1. your friend has gorgeous lashes u did an amazing job on her eyes, & u are quite pretty without makeup :)

  2. @KayKay: Thanks so much :) i think i have a baby face when i'm not wearing makeup :p i was having so much fun when i was doing my friend's eyes cos it was absolutely gorgeous and her lashes are amazing! no curling needed :D

  3. So impressed with all the looks you created! Brava! You are beautiful with no makeup, too (also, love the wave in your hair)


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