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Monday, January 24, 2011

I Chopped It Off!

You may know I planned to cut my hair some weeks before. Well I got it last week on Friday and like the title say… I chopped it off.

It may not look super short but when you compare the before and after picture you’ll realise… she really did chop a lot of it off. I just got a typical A-line cut, but not so short it looks like a bob. It’s refreshing but I will admit I miss my long hair and my curling iron will be extremely neglected and lonely. I think I will need to pack it away for when my hair is finally at a suitable length again.

Short hair for the beginning of the year!

I also got my hair lightened a little bit compared to the previous colour, but not so light that it looks odd.  Surprisingly it still looked natural in a way, but has a nice red kind of tint to it when I stand out in the sun.

Typical A-Line cut where the back is shorter and the front is longer

So what do you guys think?

Should I have kept my long hair?

Does shorter hair suits my round face?

Maybe I look older now that my hair is short?

Oh yeah do you like how i put borders on my photos?  Does it look better?


  1. Ooh I like the style :) It suits you well, and your newly lightened hair looks great! It certainly does look really natural and not over-the-top. I usually think that people look younger with short hair hehe

  2. @Jen: thanks :) i'm not used to the shorter hair but i know i will get used to it and just look forward to seeing it grow :)

  3. omg I really like it!! it suits you really well and I soo love the color!!

  4. I love it! I love the color :)
    I want to chop mine off so badly!

  5. I love the new hair cut..... & I love it that it's a semi bob :) I think it will look super cute even if you curled it too :)

  6. @Jess: thanks so much :D

    @MJ: don't regret chopping it off, i kind of did but i got over it :p

    @make-me up: yeah i didn't want it to look like a bob :p but i have been thinking how i could curl it to make it look cute :p


Thanks for the comment and your opinion, much appreciated :)