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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sneak Peak of a Lingerie Designer look book and others.

On Wednesday this week I found out that the Lingerie Designer I had met through a wonderful talented photographer friend had launched her look book and website.  I had a good look through the photos as I have not yet once seen the outcome and was very excited to be seeing them.  They are gorgeous, her lingerie are so delicate, classy, elegant, pretty and feminine.  There really isn't any Lingerie designers in Perth, Australia so I think Karolina (designer) had picked a good part of the fashion industry.

I wish all the best and I'm sure she'll rock and become successful.  So here is a sneak peak, of course you'll have to hang in there and wait until I get the official photos from the photographer.

Now just some random photos of daily life that's worth sharing like my new hair that's only half done because it's missing the blue colour in it that I had no patience to wait for so it'll be put in a bit later haha!

Convinced a bride to have a hair up instead of down as I found it suited her way better!  Mission accomplished!

That's all for now, been busy and haven't really spent much time or taken much photos.


  1. OMGG your hair looks amaze! i love love the red! can't wait to see the finished product w/ the blue!!

    oh la la cannot wait to see this lingerie shot! the picks are so sexy!

    1. hahaha
      I also cannot wait to finish off my hair, but been so busy it may be in a couple of weeks :p

      Lingerie shoot photos coming soon! I can't wait to get them in my hot little hands :p

  2. Nice post!! <3 I really like your hair~ ^^ great photos :3
    --Kiyomi xx

    1. Thanks Kiyomi! I'm loving my hair this time round a lot more too. unfortunately it's unfinished still missing the blue and a bit of orange through some of the ends.
      I will drop by your blog!

  3. Oh sexy!! And love the bra in the second to last photo.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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