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Monday, March 10, 2014

Shoot Shoot Shoot!

This year so far I've been busier compared to last year, so I know business is definitely doing way better this year.  Been working a bit too much and is in need of a much needed holiday, vacation, break... something!

Just popping in today to share some favourites from a shoot with two different models.

Photography:  Fifi Robinson @ Fifi's Model Academy
Stylist: A penny for your threads
Models:  Jodie & Clare
Hair and Makeup: Mandy To

Absolutely gorgeous woman, she would be considered a mature model but dear god is this woman stunning.  She makes me feel so fat and unhealthy!  I want to be beautiful, healthy and hot like her as I age!

This is one of my most favourite shot of Jodie.  It looks like something out of a magazine, or even a movie.

Clare is a lovely young gorgeous lady who happened to be one of the finalist in Miss Galaxy WA.

Well I'm off! I am in need of a lot of sleep catch up otherwise I'm going straight into Zombie mode!  Hopefully I will have more to share soon. Take care and everyone enjoy their week!


  1. omgosh jodie is GORGEOUS! you did such an amaze job on her makeup!! i want to be gorgeous like her too!! lol!!!

    lolol so funny i hope your mom comes back soon because you'll be skeletal soon!! but yay to loosing a couple of pounds.. the problem is now i've learned to cook.. and i don't have the luxury to be lazy because my husband needs to be fed.. that i can now make really unhealthy things HAHA. this is horrible but last year i had really bad stomach fllu and lost 6 pounds. i counted that as a win in my book. HAHAHAH.

    1. losing weight is always a WIN ;)
      I've gone into survival mode and is cooking the most basic of things ever! The bad thing about me is I CAN cook, I have parents who are chefs.... but I'm so lazy I don't like to cook and yeah I'll just starve a little.... well actually I'll just eat my standard meals as opposed to my meals and my snacks that my mum makes on a regular basis.

      Believe it or not I'm certain Jodie is hitting 40 soon! How amazing does she look. I wouldn't have ever guessed her age with her looking that fresh and healthy and fit!

  2. Both looks pretty
    You did a great job
    I'm following you now ^^


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