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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Love.Life. Just the Way It Is

No life is 100% perfect and I wouldn't ever want a perfect life either.  How easy and boring would that perfect life be.  There will be no surprise, obstacles, challenges or goals that needs to be completed.

As busy as life gets, as hard and tough as things may be we should all accept things the way they are and face them rather than running away.

I love my jobs, my career and I'm happy I've made my makeup artistry world come true.  It wasn't easy and it definitely wasn't something I had much support in when it came to my parents.  They disapproved, opposed, worried, nagged, scolded and so much more.  It was very disheartening and very tough time while I was studying.  I felt like I couldn't make it happen, or I didn't have the talent or the will power to earn an income as a full time makeup artist.

I turned away from my parents, avoided their conversations, ran away from any confrontations and pretended everything was alright.  It wasn't alright and things won't go away and so I talked and I expressed what I felt and why I wanted to do what I wanted to do.  I wasn't young any longer and I'm behind a lot of other people who are a lot younger than me.  It was now or never and it was better now than late.

My parents are still worried and they still don't really approve, but they are slowly accepting the fact this was it.  I wasn't changing my mind and I don't plan on going back to being an accountant.

My brother gave me hope, talked to me like normal and even suggested certain things that would help me grow my business.  I was also blessed with some wonderful close friends who understood me and knew my passion and life was to truly become a professional makeup artist who works actively in the industry.

Thank you for everything I was given, for all the opportunities I gained in life and even for all the hardships I had to experience.  They taught me lessons and made me more mature and I definitely grew up in a better way.

For someone who is older now, 27 and nearly 28 in a couple of months time.  I realised many things I probably didn't know about when I was in my teens or even in the early 20s.  I know who my true friends are, those who are close and dear to me.  You don't choose your parents and they work hard to raise you, so it is always a wonderful thing to have time set aside just for them.  Enjoy life and stop restricting yourself so much, sometimes you just should treat yourself to something nice, pamper and relax even if it's a massage or a lazy day all to yourself.

For those who reads my blog, I thank you for your support, comments and encouraging words.  It makes a difference and I'm happy to be able to share a part of the journey in my life.

Have a great week everyone!

My latest obsession!  Sneakers and Wedge Sneakers.  Believe it or not I have 3 pairs on their way, but probably get them in a month's time since that's how long it takes for something to get to Australia from the US.

Constantly updating the home studio.  This is my heaven, my space, my career, life and passion.  Can't wait to expand and one day I'll have my dream Home Studio to work in.  For now this is already beautiful to me.

I'm honest, I used to hate hair styling.  The first time I was taught it was horrible and I did not once enjoyed the experience, so I left it and avoided it like a plague.  I then met a wonderful woman who been in the industry for a long time and she was such a great mentor and lecturer.  I am blessed to have learnt hair from her and I absolutely love it now and can't believe the hair styles I create sometime.

Iced Cold Coco Latte.  This was super delicious on a very hot summer day in Perth.  

Sayers Sister in Perth, love their food, service and the style of their cafe.

My close friend and food lover buddy Mandy and I (yes we share the same name LOL) decided we should treat ourselves to a nice 3 course meal on a Friday night after work.  I was so glad I picked this restaurant.  The atmosphere was lovely, the place was unique with it own style.  They had two lovely ladies singing live music and the service was absolutely top notch and the best I've experienced so far in Perth.
ThreeFiveThree Restaurant and Bar in Wembley

Complimentary with the meal before the entree and the bowl of popcorn was cute and different.

Entree platter to share between two.  Delicious and I love the face you get a bit of everything to try.

We both chose the Duck and Quail.  So soft and tender and the save was just right.  The reddish powder of the side was raspberry powder and it added that little sweet kick to the meal.
This was also the first ever restaurant where the owner was serving customers him self and making rounds to ask how the meal was.  Little conversations like this really makes the experience different and very pleasant.  Also with each meal that came out they explained the different choices on the platter and what the ingredients on the plates were (aka raspberry powder).  They also suggested which choice to eat first from each platter.

Dessert was divine, except for those 3 round balls.  They were apparently chocolate truffles, but it was horrible.  It reminded me of some stomach medications I had to eat when I was a child.  It was jelly like inside with this strong bitter  Chinese medicinal taste to it.


  1. love your wedge sneakers! you know how much i love them and yours are so cute!! drooling over your food posts!! i can' believe you're turning 28 you look soo so young! omgosh i thought you were in your early 20's lucky duck!!!

    1. Yeah I know I can't believe I'm nearly 28. I have a bit of a baby face so I think that's why people think I'm younger than I really am. I do feel age getting to me, getting tired earlier, don't want to get out of bed, sore backs and shoulders hahaha
      I have two more pairs of wedge sneakers on their way from the US. Can't wait!

  2. The desserts look so good! I can't believe how many pairs of sneaker wedges you have. :o

    PS Good luck with your makeup artistry career! It sounds like such fun.


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