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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting over the hurdles...

 Finally with this starting to pick up and look brighter I'm back.  Being MIA is so hard and missing out of reading favourite bloggers was even worse!

Got my new computer up and running!  It's super fast and I got it at a cheaper price than I had expected.

Been flat out working and working and some more working.  Mum went away on her long long holiday for 7 weeks and when she came back it was like my body gave up and I went crashing.  I can't live without Mumma Bear!  Been feeling so good that I'm not cramming in my work life, social life and house sitting/chores life all at once.

Got loads of photos to share, sadly not much of my own work as I'm still waiting on some photos from a shoot.

House lemonande at The Precinct, it was so yummy and refressing!


Friend White Bait

Chocolate Souffle, this was sooooooo good!

Moss Coco's most happiest time of the day, daily walks.

I want to be young again!  I can't believe I'm 27 :(  Small signs of fine lines are showing already

Absolutely love brunching at Harvest Espresso!

Harvest Espresso, sauteed vegetables tarts with Poached eggs and Hollandaise.  Oh so good!

Coffee is the way I start my day, breakfast at Mrs S.

Scrambled eggs with toast and tomato relish at Mrs S.

Love love Sparkling Honey drinks!  The one with Ginger and Honey is lovely too.

two girls and one gourmet pizza, perfect casual date night at Little Caesar's 

Right after pizza we had coffee and Pavlova!  

caught! looking like a mess and stealing my towel!!!!

Spot the Furbaby!

a face that tells you "I am hating you right this moment"

Sneakers for cold winter days, Adidas high tops!

Mum came home for a long holiday and brought a gift that my Uncle from the UK bought for me on their trip to Korea.  My first Wedge sneakers since year 7

Mum found her box of earrings that she wore in the 80's and early 90s.  Love!  They're all mine now :)

Mum's little gift from Korea.  Tony Moly Lip Balm! 

One of the many headbands from Korea that mum had got me.  Currently my daily wear atm.

Mum and I had a busy day some time ago and so we got lazy and went out to eat Malaysian Hawker food.  Fried Ho Fun with Egg Sauce

Sambal fish with Steam Rice

Back to Little Caesar's but not for gourmet pizza.  For Dessert pizza... mmmmm.... *drools*

I swear I can't live without Coffee @ Harvest Espresso

Corn Fritters with poached egg and Zuchinni @ Harvest Espresso

Had time for a quick lunch date with the Parentals, Viet it is!  Mum's braised duck and egg noodles in soup.

Pork chop with broken rice, the best one I've eaten so far in Perth.

Vintage souvenir from mum. A hat I wore on my first trip to Hong Kong.  I was only in grade 4 at the time.  My head sure got really big.

I bought her a blanket... that's right Miss Coco officially has her own blanket.

New favourites.  The first ever Bourjois mascara I like.  Didn't like any of the ones I have previously tried.  This one is the new one with the rubber fan brush.  It doesn't leaves clumps!  Hurrah!  If it was waterproof I would love it even more!
Also the Face of Australia lip crayons are currently my everyday lip colours

Face of Australia Lip Crayons are like tinted lip balm.  They go on smooth and light and feels moisturizing.

Crave Viet Rice paper roll so mum said we could have it for dinner!  WINNING!

Currently my favourite colour to wear during Perth Winter season is navy blue/dark blue.

Angus sirloin with chips.

Donut with light syrup and vanilla ice cream.

That's all for now folks.  Coming soon is my horrible experience with a new product.  Something that ruined my skin and had made me go out to work without makeup on at all.  I'm still in healing process and is hating the marks left behind (aka light scarring).  Boo!


  1. All that food looks soooo delicious! Harvest Espresso has been one of my favourite places to eat breaky out this year.

    All the best for a quick healing process.

    1. I love how harvest espresso have a seasonal menu! good to see new things on the menus from time to time.


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