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Friday, December 7, 2012

Petra Vanessie Mini Fashion show for Women in Media (WIM) Event

Not too long ago, probably about a week or two ago I had the pleasure of being the makeup artist for a local designer.  Petra Vanessie is a local designer and her inspiration and style is base on the 1950s and 1960s era.  Her dresses are very chic yet feminine, they're all designed by Petra her self.  Petra who sponsors WIM had the opportunity to do a small fashion show to introduce her brand to a wonderful crowd of women.

Having worked with Petra twice previously before, I was delighted when she had asked me if I would be free and be happy to do the makeup for the show.  Being a makeup artist with a strong passion and who also love her dresses said yes without a second thought.

The day of the show was a Wednesday night.  It was a horrible day with a storm blasting into what is supposed to be Sunny Perth this time of the year.  Strong wind, pouring rain and loads of traffic and accidents.  However nothing was going to stop a strong production team from putting on a show.  We may had gotten rained on and had our lovely hair blown into a mess, we made it to the Art Gallery of WA a little later than we had planned.

With less time to prepare I and the lovely Sarah who was the hairstylist for the event, whipped through the five models in 2 hours time.  We even had a crash course rehearsal of the mini show before entering the stage area.  I have to say by the end of the night, my back was so sore I never knew it could be that painful being bent over for 2 straight hours doing up 5 faces.

At the end of the night we were all glad that the show went well and we were just glad to be able to dig into some Wine and Food and have a bit of networking and chit chat with some ladies.

Amazing team, great designs, sweet friendly Petra fans as models made it all possible.

Just to let you know, that because the show was held in the art gallery there was heaps of restriction and one of them was no flash photography!  Hence the quality of the photos.

Stylist:  Meg Gill
Hair Stylist: Sarah Corrigan
Makeup Artist: Mandy To
Designer: Petra Vanessie
MC/PR: Raychael Case
Intern/Assistant: Lucy Scott
Photographer: Jason (thanks to him these are all photos provided by him)
Models: Di, Bec, Adelle, Tennielle, Jude

Our amazing Hairstylist

Petra our lovely Designer

Was bent over for 2 hours like this.


Our amazing Stylist Meg

Making small changes on stage

14 ladies in 14 different Petra dresses!

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  1. how cool! thanks for showing us the behind the scenes at a fashion show you worked at mandy this is so neat! omgosh i love love these vintage dresses so glamorous!


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