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Friday, December 14, 2012

Busy Xmas season....

Absolutely busy busy busy for me and I'm starting to feel how tired, exhausted and run down my body is.  I actually don't even know how I put up with the 3 jobs and the long hours and very little sleep.  Super woman perhaps or am I wonder woman?  I doubt I'm either, just someone who runs on some sort of adrenaline and then comes crashing down when my engine is shut down.

I have great plans for next year and I can't wait, but for now it's only in the planning stage so I shall not review just yet.

What have I been up to since my last post.  Way too much, I feel like a robot however I don't regret any part of my life at the moment.  I'm pushing forward with all the energy I have and I'm going to keep going until I reach my goals.

I volunteered myself as a makeup artist, for free that is to two fashion students who were graduating and they had a fashion show as a part of their project where they as a class would put on a show and each student would showcase one design.

I'm proud to say the two student I did makeup for that day had their design make it into the The West Australian Newspaper, which is one of the biggest papers in our state in Australia.  No credits to the designers or the makeup artist, but I'm happy to see my makeup in the papers.

Kylie is a gorgeous pale skin and extremely tall girl and perfect as a model for Shuree.

Naomi is so cute, she's actually under an agency and I seriously loved her eye shapes.

The West Australian Newspaper
Congratulations to Shuree (purple design) and Hannah (blue design) for having their designs makeup it to the news paper.

There has been some random little photos that I would like to share that I have taken with instagram or just my phone camera in general.  Of course there is some food too ;)

One of my employers like to treat me like a kid sometime.  He got me this to play with over the xmas holidays. LOL

My furbaby has been a little sulky lately thus it keeps lying on my legs when I sit down 

Waiting at the airport to pick up my cousin and noticed there is an umbrella inside the airport.... just doesn't seems right 

Mum has some pretty orchids blooming lately

one of the most expensive yet tasty pie ever!

creme brulee with apple sauce

it was kind of warm one evening so instead of air con I turned on the fan and the furbaby hogged it :(

she's old but she's still young at heart :)

New obsession lately is big chunky necklaces.

its supposed to be summer here and in Perth we're called Sunny Perth except lately our weather is more like Melbourne's randomness

Now to finish off with some makeup related goodness.  Did a shoot that cannot be released just yet two days ago, so until then I won't be sharing anything beside two photos of where the location was.  It was an awesome rehearsal studio where a lot of local bands meet to practice after working hours.

Inside one of the practise rooms

hallway was also painted with some cool art.

Some random pictures of makeup, fun and it is such a heart breaking experience to have to depot your lipsticks, but it sure saves loads of space!

Spent so much time scraping it out

only a part of it

Had a bit of fun and creativity with a friend, because I don't have double eyelids :(

My fat lips, this is a lip tar.... forgot what shade but this was at the very end of the day before I showered so around 9pm.  Lasted pretty well after so much eating and drinking and what not
Hope everyone had enjoyed their week and will be having an awesome weekend.  Until then keep safe and be happy!


  1. ohh love your rando life updates! omgosh your poor fur baby she must be missing you so much so looks so cute snuggled up to your legs like that haha.

    omgosh you know in chinese culture it's suuuuuuppper bag to have a umbrella opened up indoors. now that i think about it i have absolutely no idea why. but when i was a kid and i use to open the umbrella inside the house i would get seriously scolded from my mom hahaha.

    omgosh i love loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee love savory pies like you don't even know what was inside??

    1. yes the furbaby is getting very attached and sulky when i walk in the door at the end of the day.

      I heard about the umbrella thing inside a house, but no idea why it's bad either :p

      That pi was so bloody good. I didn't know what was in it until i ate it. it was very soft, moist tender pork shredded. it had a sweet potato mash and a red wine sauce and a piece of bacon on the top! Heaven!

  2. Ooh how exciting that the girls you did made it into the paper! Must be coz of their makeup ;)
    Love the pics, especially your adorable dog!
    I don't think I could ever depot my lipsticks :(

    1. nah it's because of the amazing designs by the two student. Just got excited to see them in there since it was my makeup for both :D

  3. that's a really great achievement :) you have a super cute dog >.< and yummy foods lol


    1. Thank you Caroline. Hoping for an even more awesome 2013 :D


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