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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Please meet Bob!

Back again with another post.  This one some of you probably have been waiting for and I know I was supposed to had done this one a while ago.  However the fact that I had to take so many photos and then edit them so they're not huge, made me procrastinate and delay it.

Well the other day I kicked my own butt and got a move on.  Then after uploading the photos onto my computer I completely couldn't be bothered editing them.  Until today that is, I just edited all the photos so they won't be huge and will upload to blogger faster.

Keep in mind this is an overview and not an in depth run through of everything that is contained inside Bob.

Here you're thinking.... Bob?  What the hell are you talking about?

Bob is a name, a name that I had given to my new makeup kit trolley that I had bought a few months ago.  My trust metal one was simply falling apart, but it had been with me for a good two years already and I still keep it.  I use it for personal use and sometime even if I need that extra trolley when travelling on location.

I bought my new case from Crown Brush Australia ( so I am not sure if it is available from your crown brush in your country).  It was bought online and I took advantage of their 24 hour 20% off store-wide sale online.

This case is called the "Chicago Trolley case" which is very very similar to the Taz Merah cases that you see everywhere and are so popular.  However this case is half the price of a Taz Merah and slightly different, but definitely loving it to bits.  Shortly after getting it other makeup artists in my city had also gone for this one and each one had loved it thus far.

Hi, my name is Bob.

To be honest, even though I only had it for a short while I have seriously out grown it and I am shocked!  Why is it that your case only feels BIG when you get it and own it for the first two weeks.  After that you find it like you don't have enough room.  I have even cut down on my spending and had limited to buying only what I NEED for the kit in order to perform various makeup work.

I'm obsessed with black, I'm not a fan of patterns and colours on the trolley itself.  I seriously just like it plain black.  I find it looks clean and classy that way, it's professional looking to me as oppose to a coloured/patterned one.  That's just my opinion though.

I know some of you will ask, how come you didn't get a zuca pro artist trolley.  I know it has it benefits and that it holds a lot of products.  However I really don't like that you have to pack everything into pouches.  It annoys the hell out of me having to pull out loads of pouches and open them just to obtain a product.  It's not practical to me and it just doesn't work well.  As for the fact you can sit on the zuca case... well personally I don't want anyone sitting on my case!  Hahaha I just don't like the idea of someone sitting on my precious makeup trolley.  The reason I have a foldable IKEA bar stool is so I can travel with it and use that as a chair to do makeup on when one is not around.

The trolley comes in two part, a small carry case and the trolley case which both can be attached together for easier travelling.  I mainly uses the bottom trolley case the most.  It's the case that pretty much holds all the makeup I need when I am going on photo shoot jobs.  The top case is mostly used for my hair tools and products when hair styling is also a part of my given job.  Otherwise I repack and only use the top case for bridal work when I know I will only need certain products on the jobs for the day.

It closes together via buckles and believe it or not the buckles are very strong and sturdy.  It is great that you can shorten or lengthen the buckles in case you over flow the case a little bit at the top sometime.

Front buckles are bigger

On both side of the bottom case it has two zip pocket which can hold very limited items and only items that are not too bulky.  Pretty useless in my opinion so I might DIY my own add on pouches like they have on an original Taz Merah makeup trolley.
Side pockets with zips.

The back consist of the handle that can be pulled out when rolling it along behind or in front of you.  I find with most makeup cases the handle is always the first one to break, for some reason they are all designed the same and you would think someone would make a sturdier one.  Since I'm not really all that rough with my case mine had never broken before, it just feels like it'll break though.  It contains triple wheels on either side of the case and they're absolutely great wheels too.  Rolling this baby is so much easier than the wheels that were on my first trolley.

The handle is long because when you attache the small case on top it'll still be long enough to use.
This case consist of a top compartment where it is relatively deep so a lot can fit into it and the brush holder that is attached to the lid is attached via Velcro.  It can be removed if you don't like it there, but I have some spare brushes that I like to keep in handy in case I have a lot of models I need to do makeup for on one job.  It's just quicker than having to clean your used brushes sometime.

In the top compartment I tend to like to keep the bulky stuff, like my makeup palettes, baby wipes, tool boxes, bottles, cotton pads, and a tissue box.

Underneath the top compartment the cover can be unzipped on either side and it'll fall open.  On the flap it self is a flat compartment that can hold things that are relatively flat so I keep my metal mixing palette and a packet of eye makeup remover wipes just in case I need something small and handy to clean up the eyes with.

Inside the compartment under is two sets of plastic drawers, and I must say this is by far my most favourite part.  It had made my life so much easier when it comes to organising and packing the kit.  No more rummaging through pouches and bags and the box to find that one single pencil you just spent 10 minutes looking for.

Yes, I label my drawers because I'm a nerd! Hahaha

Now the next couple of photos are just an overview of each drawer.  I don't know if I want to go in depth with every product I own or put into my kit. Beside it changes from time to time.  It's just a lot of stuff and I will take years to go through it all.

Face Prep

Concealers and Powders as well as eye primers

Contour/Bronzer, Blushes and Highlighters

Lipsticks in the tube and lip liners

Foundation and BB creams

Eyeshadows and Maybelline Tattoos

eyeliners, mascara and sealer

Lipglosses, Lip tars, sticky tapes, business cards and small tools.

This is the smaller case that can sit on top of the bigger one and I use this mainly for hair tools or bridal work.

In addition to my trolley cases, there are some things that I sometime will take with me depending on my job and whether I will need them or not.

Temptu Airbrush machine

 My airbrush kit doesn't go with me everywhere.  Only when I need it and I have to say even though I had spent so much buying this I don't regret it.  I've used it a few dozen times and I really do love airbrush makeup a lot.  I definitely didn't buy it simply to collect dust at home and I bought it because I know I can use it.

Glitter liners, diamantes, sequins, etc.

I collect a lot of little craft stuff just in case I have some sort of inspiration to do something very creative. Things like sequins, confetti, glitter liners, diamantes and other little stuff are great for doing creative makeup.


I buy tool boxes to store things and I believe that are a great way to put things together neatly too.  My eyelashes are all sorted out and put into a box for easy travelling and easier to find rather than going through how many boxes of lashes to find the right pair.


Pigments and glitters are a must for a makeup artist.  Probably not as much as I would because I'm just an idiot and I buy all things pretty.  Majority of pigments are from Jesse Girl and Barry M, I find them affordable and the quality are definitely good too for the price they offer.

I guess that concludes this post.  It was definitely one very long one and I feel like it had been a long time since I've typed this much for just a blog post.

Hope you all had enjoyed reading and looking at the photos.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. omgosh loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love your makeup artist posts!! especially this one get to see all your lashes and all those glitters and pigments galore!! amazing!! hehehe!

    1. well you now know what is making me poor :( ahahahaha it's to build this and it never stops. I keep searching for more stuff to add to the kit and I really shouldn't :p

  2. haha I know all too well about procrastination!
    hi, bob! thanks for the very informative post, I'd love to have one of these at home for myself! x

    1. Procrastination is so hard to avoid. I do it for everything! hahaha it's really really bad.
      Best trolley/case I had ever purchased. absolutely love it!

  3. Omg Bob is amazing and so versatile, Great post, so thorough!

    1. Bob is my baby! hehehe
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Much appreciated :)

  4. The case looks AMAZING!!! I'm looking or a new case so you've kind sold me on this!!! Thank you so much for the in depth look at Bob ;)

    1. no problem Phoebe. I'm glad the post had helped yo uin some way of deciding on a new case. Sometimes its so hard to find one that is good and the one you think will be great sometimes isn't what it seems.


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