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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharing: photos from photo exhibition

Sorry I haven't gotten around to swatching the Inglot lips and eyeshadows for you guys just yet.  Been super busy and my brother's wedding is coming up real soon on May 5th!  I had to do trials for my sister-in-law and completely didn't take photos (FAIL!).  Had to get some new business cards, since I now have a proper website ( and a professional email address just for makeup artistry contacts.

However, I'm not sure why I didn't share this with you guys but I did a photoshoot with a photographer about 2 months ago for her photo exhibition.  This is how the photo turned out.  The one on the right was the printed one and displayed.  The model was absolutely gorgeous with flawless skin so her skin turned out to well int he photos.  It was more of a dark genre (titled: the black widow), and the opening night was a success and her work is amazing!

Right photo is the published on at the photo exhibition.
She is only just starting her professional website so if you're interested please check her out there or even look her up on Facebook (14th Frame Photography).

Hopefully I will be back soon with the swatches you guys being waiting for!
Also what more would you like to see from me?  Let me know by leaving me a comment please!


  1. wow, these are amazing. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my resort style post. xo

  2. This is really superb post. I like this.

  3. omgosh seriously stunning mandy!! i cannot get over how talented of a makeup artist you are!!!!!

  4. wow this is amazing! :)

    love from the NaNa girls xoxo


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