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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Green FOTD and Natural FOTD + Mini Self Photo shoot

Hi Guys!

I’m back to share some photos, because due to my busy schedule and tardiness I forgotten what exactly did I use for these two looks. I’m pretty sure you guys can substitute with similar colours.

Last Saturday I went out to dinner with some high school friends and did this green look. It’s nothing special but I thought it turned out pretty nice and definitely something wearable whether it is day or night.

Close up shot
It is just a combination of dark and light green and then a bit of gold in the inner corners.

Full Face shot

Half closed eyes

Close much?

Close up of both eyes

If you followed me I’m pretty sure many of you would know that I am now a makeup artist student and that I enrolled into Makeup School in late October.  Well I’ve been learning heaps and as practise I did a very natural/neutral makeup look and then kind of held my own photo shoot. 

It was pretty hard since I was the model and the camera man so some of the photos didn’t turn out all that nice. However since it was a practise to put what I’ve learnt in school to work, it was still a bit fun.

This is how the look turned out…

Completed look, taken with natural light from window in the bathroom

Now just some cam whoring to make it a bit more interesting :)

Fun Shot taken with natural light from window in bedroom

Angled Shot taken with natural light from window in bathroom

Cute Puppy face taken with natural light coming in from bathroom window (behind me)

Changed to black work shirt and hair got messed up.

Cute pose with white forever friend teddy bear

I don't know why, but I love this shot :p

Looking out the window

Second favourite shot
Thanks to all my followers be it you’re old or new, you guys make my day knowing that you guys are supporting me as I finally take off on my dream.  I can't believe i'm only 11 followers away from 100!  I never thought my blog would even ever get this much followers so I'm grateful each day.  I will try to update more often and share some small tips with everyone that I learn in school.

Have a great week everyone :)


  1. Very exciting! I am glad you are learning lots at school!

    I got your package today, it made me so happy :)
    Thanks again for hosting such a great giveaway!

  2. The green eyeshadow is great on you!

  3. @MJ: it is exciting :) i'm glad you got the package i was beginning to worry they got lost. i wonder if anyone else had gotten their yet :S

    @jadore: thanks :) i love green but i was always afraid of wearing it so i tend to experiment with it now :)

  4. This natural looks very good on you!

  5. @Cafe Bellini: Thanks i'm liking how the natural look turned out too :)

  6. Lovely look and you're so pretty. :) following you now.

    Hope you visit my blog too

  7. your so lucky to go to makeup school. good luck :)

  8. @ KayKay: not really i did have to work hard and i did have to wait years before i could go :) it's so expensive!

    @ Sarah H: Thanks so much for following :) very much appreciated :D

  9. Oh yes, I got it! We had a few holidays where the post office was closed :(

    Your note was very sweet, and I love the eyeshadow, thanks again!

  10. The green looks very good! ^^
    I don't really like green, but that green I do like! :)

  11. @sachie: i wasn't a fan of green either! i think i like it more than i used to after playing around with it a bit more :D


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