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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fun Doll Makeup for a Kid’s Party

Hey guys haven’t posted in a bit and I’ve missed blogging but I guess my portfolio is really dragging me in deep with lots of stuff to do. Recently classes have been getting a bit more stressful as we begin doing full face makeup without any guidance from the teacher. Pressure really gets to you, but I learnt I work with it as last week I did my first full face makeup by myself and to think the class got the time mixed up that my group lost 20 minutes of our time!!! I was completely stressed and I was running around like crazy grabbing makeup and putting it all onto my classmate’s face. The true feeling of having to work under pressure was actually a scary experience but I think I’ll be able to do it again in the future. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m glad I did well despite losing that much of my time.

Anyway in the future I’ll be launching a new blog which would be strictly for my professional work so I hope in the future you would all support still :)

Now down to the recent fun look I did for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party. Costume no doubt for the little princess and the theme was Dolls and Soldiers. I thought I was going to turn up undressed but changed my mind and just wore a cute dress with funny exaggerated makeup. I laughed as I was doing it and I’m pretty sure my parents thought I was a bit on the crazy side that evening.

Foundation is one shade lighter than my skin tone

Stupid me forgot to take photos with the whole outfit and wig, so all photos shown are taken after I got home. That would explain the red eyes and the terribly messy hair. I was ready to get rid of the makeup and clean up before heading to bed.

I can’t remember what makeup I used exactly but all eyeshadow is from the 120 palette so I’m sure you guys can probably find and match it to the ones on my eyes. It’s just 2 shades of blue and a black and a little bit of the white shimmer one.

Eyelashes are from some cheap brand that a friend bought from eBay and shared with me when she gave up wearing falsies.  My lips are just a Lipgloss sample that Mschic sent me with my back order of the face canvas.  Blush used is a NYX one, a bright pink with major shimmer action going on in it!

Not so pretty :p

playing with the angle of the lights :p

With flash aka oily skin!

Anyway to finish off the post I took a photo of my Sunday cleaning and only realised then how much brushes I now own since I got a set from my makeup school I’m currently doing.


  1. you really looked like a doll! awesome job! :)


  2. @ Andrea: Thanks :D i couldn't stop laughing a t myself when i did this makeup and i laughed when i was editing them as well. I even scared my parents when i came out of the room :p but it was all fun

  3. this is very cute and i lovee the lashes alot

  4. @KayKay: I'm loving lashes very much and i dont' think i wille ver stop loving them :D

  5. lovely brushes and lovely eye makeup. it's a great look!

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