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Monday, April 28, 2014

Think Positive to Achieve Positive Results!

I generally work 7 days, sometimes less but rarely.  As a freelance makeup artist I'm always running from one location to another.  It keeps me on my feet and I return home absolutely exhausted.  However I'm happy, I'm loving my job and where I'm taking myself these days.  I may stress when working, but the level of this stress and the stress I used to get as a tax accountant can't compare.  It's not the same and even though I'm working more hours and days now, I feel I'm handling my daily life so much more.

I'd be lying if I say it's a breeze, because it's not and I will say now that in every line of work you'll get difficult customers/clients.  However with a job you love and enjoy that issue/difficulty/obstacle is actually a lot easier to deal with or solve as compared to a job that makes your life miserable.

I was just told today after attending a Makeup Masterclass by the amazing Australian Celebrity Makeup Artist Dale Dorning "When you think positive you achieve positive results, if you're thinking negative the results turns out negative..."

Dale Dorning and I

Photo taken by Pearlin.  From Dale Dorning's Makeup Masterclass, it was an absolutely amazing experience being able to learn from one of Australia's best Celebrity Makeup Artist.  I met some amazing makeup artists in the Perth Industry.

It like a spark went off in my mind.  When you're happy and satisfied, you're issues become easier to deal with or solve.  It was so simple but I felt like it was so deep at the same time.

I was afraid for years, not daring to do what my heart wants.  Afraid to do anything out of the "box" or anything away from my parents expectations.  Thinking back when I was younger my tutor was an accountant and he used to tell me how boring his work is.  I remember so clearly I told him, I will never be an accountant and I wanted to do what I want.  Years later I got accepted into University and and studied and majored in the very job I said I never wanted to be.  Why?  Why would you do that?  Pressure, stress and expectations.  I let it all swallow me up and I got lost, just like a lonely child lost in a dark forest who was unable to find her way home.

I was cranky, unhappy and I complained and ranted so much that I didn't even realise.  Thankfully I had met some amazing friends through my journey in life.  They supported me, encouraged me and picked me up when I was down.  I also had the most amazing brother, he understood me, looked out for me and gave me the encouragement to start moving in a positive direction.  If it was a fairytale, my brother was my light in the dark forest.  I pulled through and I built up the courage and told my parents straight.  I wanted out!  I want to do something I love, something that won't drive me into a corner.  Therefore that's where my journey began... (to be continued)

Food Porn anyone?

Just a casual family lunch for 8.  Perks to having parents as Chefs!

The best chocolate croissant I've had in Perth, so light and fluffy and warm!

Harvest Espresso's new Autumn menu!  Pork Belly with squid ink sauce was amazing despite the weird combination.  Their version of Bubble and squeak was delicious and their mango coconut bread was the perfect finish to a good brunch!
Had the whole of Easter to clean out my room, this shows how much money I poured into Manga!  No wonder why I was such a poor student!  

Donated 8 black garbage bags of clothes, shoes and bags to the Salvation Army.  I seriously threw out so much that I don't wear anymore, doesn't fit or just collected dust in my wardrobe.  

School Ball Hair and Makeup.  Silver smokey eyes is the trend this year!

Behind the scenes from Maddy Anderson's photoshoot at Fifi's Model Academy.  Stay tuned!  Next post will include the professional photos.

My results from today's Dale Dorning's Makeup Masterclass.  If you follow my work you may be able to see the difference from the above and my previous work.  I'm absolutely amazed at how much Dale had changed the way I apply and approach makeup artistry.  I moved out of my comfort zone and I challenged myself!

New bag from Mum's friend's daughter and new matching shoes with mum (she owns a dark blue pair).

Majority of the time my asymmetrical hair is always straight.  I've always had loved straight hair better than curled or waved.  Well one do get bored so change it up! 
I did NOT lose weight.  I look slimmer thanks to the way I styled my hair and to all the time and effort I spent on my makeup.  I contoured/shaded the "crap" out of my face to slim down the sides as I'm not smiling as big here too.
Have a great week everyone!  Stay tuned for more hair and makeup work soon!

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