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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Illamasqua cherry popped! & some food and makeup looks


I am back with a quick update and to share my excitement.  I have popped my Illamasqua cherry, I have finally gotten around to purchasing 3 products from them and I'm loving them.

I got their Matt Primer and I have to say that if you have oily skin, this is a primer for you!  I also got 2 of their matte lipsticks.  I got Flare (Bright Orange) & Apocalips (Turquoise), these two colours are out of this world.  Absolutely pigmented and very bright.  Definitely not for the faint hearted.  Matte Lipsticks can tend to be quite drying, no matter which brand it is.  I believe in a good lip prep before hand to keep your luscious lips nice and moist through out the day.

Flare & Apocalips


On the lips.  IGNORE the pimples :(

I look forward to some future purchases from Illamasqua and hopefully to add them to my professional makeup kit.  I apologise if I have yet to introduce you to Bob (my makeup case).  Yes I gave my makeup case a name and it's a boy! hahaha :)

I'm addicted to Instax photos as of late too.  I'm finally picking it up again and taking photos.  Mainly during shoots so they're like little sneak peaks that you can be expecting to pop up on this blog soon ;)

making a simple lace and chain head accessory for a shoot.

Love this model to bits, She's so pretty.

Instax for the day.
Now some everyday update, with food of course.  I've been doing more breakfast and coffees as now in Perth, Spring had kicked in (more like summer).  However we still have crazy weather, hot one day and cool /cold/windy/rainy the next.

I enjoy tea once in a while, more so for breakfast on the weekends.

Egg Benedict with extra of Smoked Salmon!

It was hot this day, so I had an Iced Mocha

Blueberry & custard Tart

My old furball, who loves looking out the door 

Now to finish off the post with makeup.  I have to share makeup related after all!  Let me know what you think of the various looks I've been sporting as of late.  I've tried some different lips and then went with hair style change without cutting or colouring it.  I'm still trying to grow out my hair before I decide on a style and colour.

Had the urge to wear colour on the eyes.

Eye makeup close up

My friend said it was vampire-ish because of the dark lips.... what you think?

Before, during and after.  I'm such a silly person!

OCC Lip Tar in Banjee, a great colour for this spring 

Went a little bit cute and curled my hair for the first time in more than 6months.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Halfway through and can't wait until weekends!


  1. love Illamasqua product packaging <3
    though i always find it difficulty to order its products online (so hard to tell the shade/finish)

    hahaa not really vampire-ish but dark lips do add some mystery and sexy <3 btw what lipstick you wore :D?

    1. yeah i'm loving how nice Illamasqua products smell too! I had to do major research looking for swatches and product reviews before buying. Probably why it took me so long to do so.

      The vampire-ish lipstick i'm wearing is by Lord and Berry in Black Red. I never really thought I was into that sort of colour but I think it had grown on me :)

  2. wow! Looks like you have been getting crafty while eating delicious looking food, once again! I love instax too! You have some good ones, and that model is gorgeous!

    I also really like your pink eyeshadow-- not sure about the blue lipstick though, I definitely couldn't pull that off!

    1. i'm clumsy with craft now. gone rather rusty. I hurt myself so much with the little clamps and tweezers so much.

      That model is flawless without makeup...

      blue lipstick probably be used for shoots :p

  3. omgosh i'm obsessed w/ the last two looks. ESPECIALLY the last one! you look like a DOLL!!! and i'm in love w/ that headband!! btw what eyelashes did you use in the last look I'M IN LOVE w/ how much of a flair it has one the end!!!!!!

    1. I'm in love with the head band too. who would of thought a $5 headband can turn out so well :0)

      The eyelashes I'm wearing are just the cheap clear band ones that are handmade in taiwan, but shipped from Hong Kong. It's in number 111.

  4. wow those lipstick colours are so unique, don't think I could ever pull off turquoise! Love all the makeup looks, especially the vampy lip & before & afters! The food and coffee's are too die for, as well.


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