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Monday, January 16, 2012

First post for 2012

Hello lovelies!

Been a very long time and after all the holiday and then getting thrust into a busy 2012 I haven't had the time to even revamp my blog or actually post.

It's late but I still wanted to say it here.... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!

I hope everyone is well and well on their way to another happy year :)

I've been the beach lately and gotten terribly burnt in weird place, that I won't even mention.  I'm peeling like crazy on my back still but at least it is not painful anymore. 

Here are a couple of photos to share from 2012!

The day I got burnt in weird places! spent 4 hours in the sun on the beach hmmm... I can see why I'm burnt

Had a homemade high tea with my favourite girls who came home for the holidays and discussed lots of wedding planning, no I'm not getting married they are :)

Koko Black cafe with a dear girlfriend.  There is never enough chocolate!
This is my order and it was delicious!

My friend ordered this and omg was that chocolate cake full of rich melting warm gooey chocolate!


2012 is the year to start off with short hair!
 I was once a girl who declared who would never chop it short and what happened in 2012?  I don't know either, I just did it and I'm loving it since the summer in Perth is super hot!

My very first fashion purchase of 2012 and pair of orange suede wedges.  HOT!  and with orange being a big colour for 2012 I couldn't resist.
I'm finally really taking my makeup artistry career seriously so I spend heaps of time networking and meeting new peopl to work with in order to build up portfolio and  learn the tricks of the trade.  I'm loving it and last Saturday was my very first location photoshoot that I did for a model and photographer.  Absolute fun and great experience, I can't wait to see the photos.  I'm scheduled for another one this coming Wednesday and I can't wait!

I'm also officially a Model Mayhemer

You can also follow my professional Facebook page too if you're interested!/pages/Man-Ki-To-Makeup-Artistry/150430171711591

I hope this year I'll have plenty more to share with you and I have so much products I shoudl be reviewing!  Hoepfully I will get around to posting those up soon.

For now take care and thank you so much for the continuos support.


  1. omgosh so much to talk about with this post!!

    1. OMGGG those tea sammies look SOOO NOMMY!! SO NOMMY!

    2. omgosh that chocolate lava cake and fruity sorbet look SO NOMMY TOO!! (i think i'm having food envy hahahaha)

    3. OMGG asymetrical haircut!! i've always wanted to do that but i just don't have the balls!! cant wait to see what it looks like from the front!

    4. those shoes are HAWWTT!! i love the bright orange color!!!

    5. congrats hon for pounding the pavement like that you're gonna do awesome!!!

    and in response to your question.. i've been trying!! my husbands been hitting the gym like 3 times a week since the new year started and he's already starting to look a little different. i ALREADY felt pudgy to begin with hahaha SO i decided to exercise a little portion control. i dunno how long this will last. HAHAHAHAHAH

    1. Oh lisa, food keeps me looking forward to each day :p I can't live without it and I praise you for having control and actually exercising! You'll never catch me in the gym! IT'll be the end of the world if I am seen there. I've put on so much weight its sad, but I keep eating. To think it CNY there is no chance of losing weight. Maybe after it's over I might be sick of eating a little and finally lose some kilos?

      I'm loving orange shoes! I'm so bad that I'm itching to buy another bold coloured pair of shoes again! like aqua blue or bright red or even yellow... it's crazy. I want colours all of a sudden.

      I'm loving short hair! it feels so good, so easy to manage and so good for the very hot summer in Perth Australia. From front on it looks as if I have just over shoulder length hair. I'm planning on going reall asymetrical next time... like seriously a bob on one side and long on the other :p I think 2012 is finally the year for short hair for me! I do miss long hair though.

  2. Hi Mandy, I was just wondering what brand those lovely orange shoes are. I like that the platform isn't too high. I'm having trouble finding shoes with a lower platform. Thanks, Alison

    1. I live in Australia and the brand is Molini. Not sure where else you can get them. They're are so comfortable though and the only bad side is they're suede.


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