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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Season had arrived...

I've finally graduated from my Diploma makeup course and I'm thrilled to have finished, but I recieved a surprise during the ceremony after our graduation show.  A surprise big enough to make me cry, and rarely ever cry as well.  I was presented Diploma Makeup Student of the Year Award and gift of $250 to spend on makeup at the school.  I never thought I would get an award, there was so much talent in the class that I seroiusly thought it was another person.  Completely not focused and not paying attention except for hearing my name and then stupidly standing there thinking what was going on... was a little embarrassing.  My classmate had to nudge me and tell me it was me before I made my way up there. 

Took this with my phone, hence the bad quality and this was taken the next morning after a very good night sleep.

The graduation night was a lovely night, all he hard work the class put into with organising a runway show to present to the audience of our creative makeup work went great.  It was crazy but fun at the same time and when things finally came to an end I think a lot of us had a lot of weight lifted off our shoulders.  It was 6 months worth of hard work, laughter, sweat & blood, and even tears that got us through the course.  We've made it and we all couldn't be happier with that.

Photos for the graduation show/ceremony are pending.  We had two lovely photographers and they both work full time so they're working hard at getting all the photos up.  Keep in mind there was 3 other classes graduating with us that night so you can imagine how many photos were taken.

Anyway with that little announcement out of the way let's get back to the festive season and what's happening with this blog(s) that I now own.  What are my plans and what I want to do in the future...

During the rest of this year, I probably won't be updating much at all.  I plan on revamping both my blogs and changing them, and I'm definitely working towards having a professional website now that I'm a fully qualified makeup artist is ready to get her butt out into the industry.  I have weddings booked in next year and some photoshoots with photographers in discussion, so will need to see how that goes.  I also now own a "Model Mayhem" account and it's been great having one.  Meeting new talents and experienced talents had given me a couple of opportunities.

For the location photoshoot I had an opportunity to doing at school for being a good student and not falling behind on work please check it out here:

There so much I want to do in the near future but I know it'll take time and patience to build that career I always wanted.  I need to get opportunities to build up my professional portfolio as well and that is something I want to focus on first.  It's the portfolio that represents your art/work and it is mostly that, that will get you jobs.

Thank you everyone who had being following me and beign so patience.  I know now that I'll finally have time where I can sit down and blog.  I hope you're all doing well and that you continue to support me through a new phrase of my life.

Enjoy the festive season, fill with joy and laughter with people you care and love. 

Have a happy and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


  1. Congrats on finishing the program!!!! :) It's always refreshing to get recognized for that. You now have something to look forward to in 2012 :D

  2. aww CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS HON!!! now you can relax a bit haha!! i can't wait to see your graduation ceremony pics!


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