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Friday, September 2, 2011

What's going on?

Long time no update here!  I miss you guys terribly but I really think work and Makeup school is catching up on me... probably right on my tail.  I'm always burnt out and on weekends I just want to catch up on sleep and then get a move on with school projects and studies.

Anyway just updated my other blog with loads of photos on what's being going on in makeup academy for me :) check it out!

Just one of the many photos on my other blog.
Smokey eyes, on a grungy side?

I'm having loads of fun in this course but there had being some ups and downs.  Many dilemmas I had to solve and many worries still unsolved.  Come join me and see all my experiences.

Also I haven't updated on any makeup look of myself.  I have a reason.  I got sunburnt really really badly on the nose and the area around it, that even now it is still red, dry and itchy.  It was in major pain not too long ago thus I've not applied makeup on myself unless it was necessary for school.  Heck I dont' even bother putting on makeup for school because when I arrive and about 5 or 10 minutes into the lesson it has to be taken off.  I rather sleep in than waste about 20 minutes each morning doing makeup that's going to come off anyway :p

Hope everyone is well and thank you for always supporting me :)


  1. I will go and check out your other blog, this look is really cool :) I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award here -

  2. Love the make up!

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